How-to setup Outlook 2010, Windows 7-32bit, iPhone (so they work and play tog.

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Here is the situation.

Two people use a desktop (Windows 7-32bit, Outlook 2010). The third has an iPhone which uses iOS5 (latest version). Need to set up the

desktop and iPhone to where they cans access the calendar and contacts in Outlook. The email being used before installing/using Outlook was Yahoo (free) which was forwarded to Outlook.

How do I set up these devices up so that they work and work and play well together? Is there a straightforward step-by-step set of instructions?

Hosted Exchange is not an option at this time.

Secondly, wondering if using google calendar would be an option? If yes are there any straightforward instructions on how to do this?

I'm doing some testing even as I send this out.

Any help appreciated.


Re: How-to setup Outlook 2010, Windows 7-32bit, iPhone (so they work and play

google calendar would require a sync tool to sync with Outlook, contacts wouldn't sync to outlook.

iCloud is one option - better than iTunes IMHO, although some disagree. Icloud is not without problems, but it works pretty good once you understand the quirks. I believe it only works with 1 outlook account tho, not 2. (I can't test it right now because it won't work on Outlook 2013.)
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Re: How-to setup Outlook 2010, Windows 7-32bit, iPhone (so they work and play

Thanks for your reply Diane.

I have added iCloud to Outlook, can not get the two calendars into one. Is there a way to do this?

Also set up a google account (installed google sync) and tried to sync the iCloud calendar in Outlook (this is the one that Outlook populated) and google calendar. I can not get them to sync. I've tried different fixes from several places (forums, etc). Is there a way to do this?

Haven't even gotten to the iPhone setup yet.

Re: How-to setup Outlook 2010, Windows 7-32bit, iPhone (so they work and play

If you want to sync google and icloud, do it from the google side (set it up as an exchange account on the phone) - i don't think there is a way to tell the iphone to sync the google calendar to outlook, but trying to sync it between outlook & google then to icloud will make a mess of things. In this situation, I would most likely export the google calendar to outlook and let outlook sync it with the icloud then stop using the google calendar. You've have everything on the phone and outlook. Of course, you could do it in reverse - use google and the phone and the heck with outlook. :)

When icloud is configured in outlook it will normally sync all of the appointments from the outlook calendars into outlook. It's supposed to do this when you add new items to the outlook calendar but it doesn't seem to work for most people. You can use either VBA to save new appointments to the icloud calendar or use a sync utility to sync the calendars. CodeTwo has a sync utility specifically for icloud. (It's listed in Tools on the page i linked earlier.) Of course, you can also move or copy everything manually.
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