Two server DAG setup, second server EMC not opening

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Hello All,

Love this forum. Long time lurker, first time poster. Hopefully someone can help me out / give me some guidance. New to exchange 2010 and DAGs. We are setting up a DAG between two Server 2008 R2 Enterprise servers within the same org/network. Server1 is our primary everyday server that we use and hosts mailboxes, HT, CAS and Unified Messaging. We want to setup a two server DAG so that we can have a backup server in case Server1 goes down. So, we have an identical server and I installed Server 2008 R2 Enterprise on it. I then installed Exchange 2010 SP1 on the server. Once completed we went to open the EMC on Server2 and it is pointing to the Server1 name, not Server2 and does not open. Any idea why this is? I noticed it originally because the EMC on Server 2 is running a slightly newer version then the EMC on Server1 so It gave a warning. However, shouldn't Server2 point to itself in the EMC...not Server1? Did I go wrong somewhere? I didn't really configure anything yet, just installed Exchange 2010 SP1.

Thanks in advance!


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Also forgot to mention that when the new 'Server2' is on and hooked up to our network, staff are unable to send emails. It seems to want to route emails through this server and not our normal one. Once the network cable is unplugged from it emails flow normal again.



Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server

I did look at these docs but we have not gotten to this point yet. We simply set up Server 2008 and exchange 2010. Once done, initially Exchange opened and connected to its local name. Once we closed it and rebooted the server (from updates) when It came back up the EMC now Tries to connect to our primary Exchange server instead of itself which is very odd.

Thanks again!
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