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I have a question/problem. Recently, my manager asked me to make a copy of his PST archive, which is located on his notebook, to the company's file server. He now wishes for the archive to synchronize and back up to the file server.

Do you have any ideas on how to proceed?

Thank you :)
While you could try to connect to the copy on the file server, it makes it more prone to corruption and will fail if he is not always connected to the network.

Better would be a script to copy it - but that only works when Outlook is closed. I have PowerShell script samples here: Use PowerShell to backup Outlook PST files - some will close Outlook and reopen it. There is a link to vbs scripts on that page.

If you can use PowerShell to see if he is connected to the network, you could use task scheduler to close outlook, copy it and reopen - maybe with a dialog telling him the backup is about ready to begin.

If he is good about closing Outlook and doesn't leave it open 24/7 - a shortcut to open it when he's on the network that makes a copy then opens Outlook is a good solution - he would use the normal shortcut when not on the network or when he doesn't want to make a copy.

It's easier to make a copy then open Outlook rather than trying to make one when you close outlook.
First, i want to congratulate you on the occasion of the new year! Health and success! :)
I tried a PowerShell script, but the PST file is +30GB, and copying takes too long.
I was thinking that there might be a direct method through Outlook... or another one.

In any case, thank you.
Oh... there is no method in Outlook to copy it. The only option would be moving it to OneDrive but at 30 GB, that will be slower too. There might be 3rd party windows utilities that can do incremental backups of it.

Is he using a pop account or just atchiving to a pst?
He only uses the PST archive. Do you have any idea about these tools to do incremental backup?
carbonite does. I believe EaseUS Todo Backup does - not sure about idrive or GoodSync.
I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds like it works like others that only sync changes, like GoodSync.
ShareGate is great for such a case, also Resilio and Gs richcopy are considered !
Consider using tools like Gs Richcopy 360 and Syncback , both are easy and fast
I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds like it works like others that only sync changes, like GoodSync.

Yes, it operates similarly to those types of syncing software, where it only updates the changes made rather than duplicating the entire data set each time.
Regarding sync programs, wouldn't even one new email force a full backup of the PST? I doubt ANY sync backup can detect just the change in the file itself and simply update that portion of the PST that's changed. 30GB is huge in terms of Outlook. In fact, the practical limit on PST & OST files is 50GB unless you muck with the registry.

Wouldn't this whole scenario be better with an Exchange Online setup?

Failing any of the above suggestions, there is this: Safe PST Backup - Free Software to back up Outlook PST files

I have no idea if it works or not.
While Outlook is closed, use a batch or command file to copy the PST file where-ever you want. Once a day should be fine.

If you want to make more proper backups ... I use Macrium Reflect (with Verify after creation Enabled). Using the Macrium Reflect Scheduler ... I like doing a Full Backup and the 1st of every month, followed by Daily Differentials. I keep 2-months worth or files and it trims the old files itself. You can snag and keep December's Full Backup as a yearly backup.

In fact, if the boss or other employees are keeping important files on their local computers, you should really do this for everyone (like especially the Accountant's computer).
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