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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I use Outlook 2010 (on PC) and connect to the Outlook.com back-end (I have an @Hotmail.com email address) via the Outlook connector.

This works perfectly fine for synchronising mail message (and, I believe, Calendar entries). I have a single Outlook profile on my machine and just this one email address. I have a set of about 300 contacts, which are the same on the PC as in Outlook.com.

[Note: The contacts originated in Outlook, copied from a .pst file into the Contacts folder of the Outlook.com account, which saw them mirrored up to Outlook.com [minus fields such as "Job Title" which Outlook.com does not support]. For sake of ensuring exactly matched data in Outlook and Outlook.com, I then removed and recreated my Outlook profile on the PC - thus causing all Mail, Contacts and Calendar items to be mirrored from Outlook.com down to Outlook.]

NOW - the problem. I observe the following behaviour viz a viz Contacts:

- making a change to a contact on Outlook (say, adding a line of Text to the Note field, or deleting the Email address) and performing a synchronize folders operation does NOT cause the change in the Contact to be synched up to Outlook.com.

- subsequently making a change to the Outlook.com copy of the Contact will see that Contact replace that in Outlook. [ie. the Contact in Outlook is caused to exactly mirror that in Outlook.com]

- Creating a brand new contact in Outlook leads to the same behaviour as above. The initial Contact is mirrored up to Outlook.com, but subsequently changes made on Outlook are not. A Change made on Outlook.com leads to replacement of the Outlook contact with that on Outlook.com (thus losing changes made on Outlook).

It is as though the contacts will only synchronise in one direction (from Outlook.com to Outlook). How can this be explained?


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Does anybody know whether the problem I described is a known Outlook fault, or is this some unique issue besetting me?
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