How to reduce size of custom contact form?


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Having been using customs contact forms (with a lot of custom fields and a lot of VBA code) in Outlook for a very long time I now would like to reduce the size of each contact. The .fdm file I regulary save for backup is 270k.

I have a lot of custom fileds which I no longer need but how do i get rid of them (including the data the fields holds)?

Creating a new form would mean I also would have to create all the fields on the form again which would take a long time.

Any quick fix for such a task?

- Allan
In Design mode, delete the fields from the form, switch to the fields tab, user defined fields in the drop down - select the field and delete to remove it from the fields list. Don't forget to change the version # on the propertyies tab so existing items use the new form.


I don't think it will remove fields from existing items - but will double check - if not, I'm pretty sure I have a macro that will remove the data from the contacts.

Deleting from the Feild chooser list in the view will not remove the field from the items.

Thank you Diane

I am fimiliar with that option but as you say the custom field does not disapear. Even if I would reset each data field it will probably not reduce anything becuase I guess the form would probably need to allocate space for INT, STRINGs and so on.

What could mean a difference would be to chose my custom form instead of "Userdefined fields in this item" and then delete fields but when chosing the form the delete buttom is greyed out.

Maybe the only way to achive smaller forms is by creating another form with a different messageclass?
Maybe the only way to achive smaller forms is by creating another form with a different messageclass?
To the best of my knowledge, the fields with values in them will retain the data. You need to delete the field from each item.
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