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Hi Diane,
A Very Happy New Year To You!

I would like to ask you: if I were to save the entire registry of
and given that the datafiles (.pst) are located at the same place, but Office is installed from scratch
and I were to apply the registry

what will then be restored?
All the settings?
I know there is no such thing as a office settings backup.
Right now I have no alternative but to go thru all the 'settings pages'-screenshots that I made, to set Office the way I want.


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Sorry i missed this. earlier. If you are using the same computer to restore it (such as after restoring windows), it will work perfectly. It will mostly work if you restore it on another computer, but pst will need to be linked to the proper user account if you aren't signing in with a Microsoft account.
Thank you Diane.

Well, ahum... to be honest: I forgot about it as well, ha!

I recently did a fresh Windows 1709 install and also all the applications.
Whilst doing so, I have made it a habit to create screenshots of every step of the install and the settings (spelling, font, location, etc. etc.)
So I know what has been changed and where (screenshot before and after)
For Office it added up to some 300 screenshots.

If indeed -say- 80-90 pct could be one with a simple registry patch, that would be great.
Standalone pc, one and only user.
Have multiple accounts though, the default is my Outlook account, but I have some others with different domain names.

Anyway, will try to remember next time... :)
As long as the computer name and windows user account doesn’t change, it works perfectly.

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Okay, in such cases, I guess the computer name should be 'changed back' to the old one as normally at each new install the name is changed.
To be honest: I wouldn't know what will happen once the computer name is changed.
I mean, probably the computer name may be found in all kinds of settings, paths?, registry stuff whatever.
Maybe something doesn't work (properly) anymore after a change of name? No idea though.
A simple refresh shouldn't change the name but yeah, if windows generates a computer name automatically, you can change it.
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