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I used to use pfbackup when I was running Outlook 2003 under XP. But it's apparently not compatible with Windows 7, so I uninstalled it. Now, every time I start Outlook I'm told that "C:\users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Addins\c:\Progra~2\Office11\addings\outbak.dll is not a valid Office Add-in."

Clicking "OK" on that error message once just brings it up again, though clicking on the second one ends it until I next start Outlook.

But bakup.dll is not just invalid, now, but altogether gone. So how do I end this error message?
(I forgot to check off that I want to be e-mailed if this is answered.)
The first time I entered the recommended string, it opened Explorer to a folder with Extend.dat, and I deleted that, but the same problem arose when I restarted Outlook. So I did it again, and it went to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OffCAT\en\outlook.config.xml
which is very different and did not contain an extend.dat string.

Going to Tools/Options/Other/Add-ins showed nothing that looked useful. Clicking Tools/.../COM add-ins brought up that same error message, which again had to be clicked through twice, then a list of two add-ins (Norton and Evernote).

Note that the original error message had an extra \C:\ in the middle:
Might that be a clue?
I still have this problem. To me, the solution would seem to be resetting outlook so it would no longer look for the phantom add-in ("C:\users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Addins\c:\Progra~2\Office11\addins\outbak.dll). This address is obviously erroneous, as "C:\" reappears in its middle--and the Addins folder is empty, anyway.

I am about to reinstall Outlook from scratch, as I am moving my system and software to a new drive -- will this cure the problem? Or is it embedded in my Outlook.PST
this should be the correct location - c:\Progra~2\Office11\addins\outbak.dll anyway, it's not stored in the pst, so you'll be ok.

did you ever try to edit the path in the registry? (to remove the part before the c in the center)
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