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I still have a personal Windows Live Custom Domain which I use with and had set up personalised email accounts for family for that domain. Even although it was grandfathered back in 2014, it has continued to work just fine on desktop Outlook, web based Outlook and Android (both Outlook and Samsung email client) - until yesterday.

Yesterday, I used my personal domain email address to sign up for the Microsoft PowerApps Community Plan, which is free for individual use, and which I thought would be useful to investigate (as we geeky types are wont to do). As part of the sign-up process, it has created a second separate Microsoft "work" account login and broken my Microsoft Account authentication as used by, stopping my email from syncing in both the Samsung Galaxy email app and Outlook for Android. Removing those accounts and attempting to recreate, just results in "account not found messages" on my phone. While I still have one existing functioning desktop Outlook connection on a PC, any attempt to use desktop Outlook to create an account on another machine also results in "account not found" and I can't set up an account to access my email via Outlook. If I use a web browser to - Microsoft free personal email, then I see both a personal account and work/school account choice being offered.

I have attempted to resolve this with Microsoft support and have been through four live chats and two phone calls with the Office 365 for desktop suites team, the Outlook mobile support team (who seemed to understand exactly the issue, but couldn't help), the Accounts and Billing Team and two different freephone numbers for Commercial support. About the only thing I have discovered, is that Microsoft support teams seem to work in completely siloed environments and despite my being given ticket numbers and links to live chat transcripts to "pass onto the next team", no one is able to access another team's support tickets.

Any suggestions on how to proceed to get email working again please?
Yesterday, I used my personal domain email address to sign up for the Microsoft PowerApps Community Plan,
You shouldn't have... :( There are issues if the email address is used in both office 365/azure and for a microsoft account. (BTDT, best move ever was changing my microsoft account alias - as i needed to keep the office 365 account).

Can you change the address used for the powerapps account? Or cancel /delete it? You really need to have it completely deleted, then make a new one, using an address not on the side. (I'll ask my contacts what they recommend - they are a few pay grades above support.)
BTW, if you have an alias on the account, try logging in using it. Sending mail might be a problem (it may use the address) but incoming should work. (fingers crossed)
Yes I realise now that I shouldn't have...

I can't seem to find a way to administer the PowerApps account. Someone suggested going to and attempting to manage/delete the work/school account from there, but it just takes me to a Dynamics365 page which only displays an error of:
No instances found for this user ID
You have signed in with a user ID that cannot log into Dynamics 365. Contact your administrator to make sure that you have a valid Dynamics 365 user account.
Tenant Administrator false

There are no options on that page apart from "Sign Out"

With regard to my personal email, as mentioned above, I do have web access via, where I get the choice of which Microsoft account to choose at login. I tried your suggestion of using an alias (actually which kind of worked the first time with Desktop Outlook. It did download my personal email, but continually paused and kept nagging me with a pop-up box to also sign into the Work/School account. The next time I started Outlook, it struggled to get past the loading screen and continually prompts for the Work/School login.

I think I really need Microsoft support to remove the Work/School account completely. If your contacts have any suggestions as to exactly where in Microsoft I need to go to request that, I would be extremely grateful. Having had six attempts at engaging with support already and basically got a "not us" response, I'm really not sure where to try next.
I have an email into support to see what they can do. (outlook crashed before i sent it and i forgot to get it out of drafts to send - so it just went out tonight).

Is the address the same as you used to sign up? If my message gets forwarded to the right people, they'll be able to remove it from powerapps.
Yes the same one. Thanks for your assistance. Very much appreciated.
Have now realised that actually all of my Windows Live Custom Domain addresses (family members) have the same issue. I guess the Work/School account created by the PowerApps setup, obviously affects the whole domain. Have you heard anything from your contacts Diane?
I'm assuming that your contacts are not able to assist? I've kept pursuing this separately with various Microsoft support teams anyway (up to my eighth now) and honestly, no one, but no one, wants to do anything except pass me on. As a paying Office 365 Home customer, this is pretty poor service on Microsoft's part.
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