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Emerito Cruz

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I am new to this forum and in serious need of your assistance. Several weeks ago, while in the process to backing up all my data on my Apple iPhone 5, I had to create an iCloud email account. So when I set up the account by downloading and installing the iCloud Drive. I accidently merged the iCloud email with my default email address which uses As a result of this mistake, many functions using Outlook 2007 were no longer available to me:

First, my all my contacts were merged to iCloud contacts and could not find them initially but later realized these contacts had merged into iCloud Contacts.

Second, I could no longer SEND outgoing email with as my default email address. Every time I try to send outgoing mail I receive an error message, "Microsoft Outlook- Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid."

I even tried to uncheck the box allowing access to Outlook in the iCloud Drive but still CAN NOT send outgoing mail using my default email,

I even contacted Apple iCloud Technical Support but they were unsuccessful in helping me resolve these issues. They suggested I contact someone who works for Microsoft Technical Support or someone whom is knowledgeable with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

This is extremely frustrating as all my data, records and contacts are in Outlook. I can still receive Outlook email to my default email address, but I CANNOT send outgoing email using Outlook from my default email address,

How can I recover/repair the ability to send outgoing email? Can this be undone without wiping out all the data. Please advise...


Emerito Cruz
It sounds like the address book service is corrupt - unfortunately, the fix is to make a new profile.
  1. Sign out of iCloud in the iCloud control panel. Do not have iCloud create a backup on your computer (i forget the exact wording of the question.)
  2. Make a new profile - assuming the optonline address is pop3, you can use the pst file you are using now - choose it when you add the account back into outlook.
  3. Set the profile as default then sign back in to the iCloud.
Screenshots and step by step process to create new profile and use existing pst:
Hi Diane,

Thank you so very much for responding to me so quickly. I will follow these steps to the letter as per your instructions. Please forgive me if I have any further questions as I am not as knowledgeable in this repair/recovery process using Outlook.
Not a problem, that's what the forum is for. I'm a little slow this time of year, so the response might not be quick though. :)
Hi Diane,

Quick question... When signing out of the iCloud drive in the iCloud panel, a message said, " Do you want to keep a copy of your icloud contacts, calendars and tasks? If you don't keep a copy of contacts, calendars and tasks used with iCloud will be removed from this computer but will still be available on other devices using iCloud."

Since my original contacts tasks and email messages in .pst were merged in to iCloud contacts when I installed the iCloud drive, I am afraid this process might permanently remove all my original contacts. Would I still be able to recover my original contacts, emails, etc?
If you are going to keep using iCloud, say no - the only copy will be in the iCloud, which you can recover at any time.

If you are going to stop using iCloud, say yes to create a local copy.

if you say yes, make a copy and sign back into the iCloud, they might be copied to the iCloud, resulting in duplicates.
Hi Diane,

After completing all the steps in creating a new profile, I still have some issues...

First the Good News... I solved my problem of sending outgoing mail using my default email address,
Also, all the email data .pst had been retrieved.

Now the Bad News... After signing back in to the iCloud Drive just prior to logging in to the new profile, I can no longer find my contacts list and address book in Outlook. It appears that the contacts and address book did not fully sync with Outlook. Is there another step that I failed to complete? If not, is there a way to manually import my contacts and address book? I still have them saved on my iPhone 5 because it was saved in iCloud. Please advise...
Hi Diane,

I just happened to open up my old profile in Outlook (which I never deleted) and found all my contacts and email addresses. Problem is that is the profile where you said was corrupted so I could not send outgoing mail. When I signed back in to iCloud after creating a new profile, did all the contacts and email addresses go to the old profile and not the new profile I had just created? Unless I missed a step, I believe when I followed your step by step instructions, I set up the new profile as the default profile and email address. How would I be able to transfer my contacts and email addresses to my new profile?
iCloud uses the default profile - is the new profile set as default? If you are using the select a profile dialog, the default profile is the one that displays by default in the dialog. Go to Control panel, find Mail and choose Always use this profile and select the new profile. If you need the prompt, after setting the profile as default, change the setting to Prompt for profile.
[DOUBLEPOST=1419742636][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, and if that is the problem, sign out of iCloud then back in after making the new profile default.
Hi Diane,


Just so you know, I tried it a different way. I realized that since the previously existing "old profile" still had my contacts and Address book, I could do an export to import back up procedure from one profile to another. I usually perform this type of back up procedure to an external hard drive. I am not sure if there is a better way to do it or even if this is what you would do, anyway here is what I did...

From the "Original Profile"

I clicked the drop down box from File. Clicked Export to a File. I chose Personal Folder File (.pst) then clicked next. Then select the folder to export from. I chose iCloud Contacts (normally for back up I choose personal file folders and click the box, "also include subfolders" and click next. Then save exported file as... I clicked browse to choose to export the file to my desktop (I found it easier to find this way). Click option, Replace Duplicates with items exported, then click Finish.

From the New Profile

I clicked the drop down box from File. Clicked Import from another program or file then clicked next. Select File to import from, I chose Personal Folder File (.pst). Then From File to Import, Select browse to point to desktop where backup file was saved. Choose option (default option), Allow duplicates to be created, then click next. Choose file to be imported from personal folders to file imported to personal folders, then click finish.

After retrieving all my contacts and address book, I ran a test and sent an outgoing email from my address book and it worked successfully. Since everything works doing it this way, I just decided to keep my old profile the way it presently is as the default profile. Now that I have everything running smoothly again, I just did not want to risk corrupting the newly created Outlook profile program again with the iCloud merge.

Diane, I just wanted to personally thank you for your patience and support, because without your help and guidance I would not have figured this out.


Emerito Cruz
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