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Outlook stopped working yesterday. It gave me an error message that reads:

"Microsoft Outlook has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
The only available option is to choose "Close Program."

Every time I try to open Outlook, it appears to come up fine and then this same error message pops up in about 15 seconds.

I have an Office 365 subscription which is current with all updates. I'm on a Dell desktop.

I have been on Win 8.1 and this started happening right after I initiated the download (but had not yet installed) of the free upgrade to Win 10. It's probably just a coincidence since I hadn't yet started the actual upgrade, but I thought it would be worth mentioning since the errors started very soon that initial Win 10 download.

I completed the upgrade to Win 10 and rebooted in hopes that it would solve the Outlook issue, but I still get the same error and closed Outlook when trying to open it.

I have multiple email Accts in Outlook, including Exchange, Yahoo Mail, and a couple Gmails.

This is killing my productivity so any assistance is appreciated. I'll use my Laptop for emails while I'm trying to resolve this.
I'm not surprised that upgrading didn't fix it - upgrading outlook rarely fixes problems so i'd expect even less from upgrading the OS.

Does it work if you open outlook in safe mode? To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.

Did you try repairing the office install? Go to Control panel, find Programs and Features. Locate Office in the list of installed program and click (or right click) Change. Then choose Repair.
I opened it in "safe mode" as suggested. It opened and appeared to be OK. After about a minute it gave the same error message, ""Microsoft Outlook has stopped working."

But this time, it didn't give me the "Close Program" button. Instead, it just closed the Outlook and then a dialog box popped up that said something like, "Restarting Outlook", which promptly disappeared as Outlook opened.

I have duplicate emails in my Gmail and Yahoo accts - in some cases 4-5 of the same emails. I'm gathering that perhaps each time I attempted to open Outlook, it stayed open just long enough to initiate a send/receive, but not long enough to receive all the messages and send an instruction to the accts that it was finished.

Other than the duplicates, it seems to be working OK now as far as basic functions (with a MAJOR issue that I'll explain below), but I didn't actually make any changes to Outlook. Did opening it in "Safe Mode" somehow allow it to self-fix?

MAJOR issue. Outlook isn't allowing me to select iCloud contacts, which is the folder where all my personal and business contacts are stored - literally thousands of them. I store the contacts and my calendar in iCloud so they're available on all devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad) and changes on any device syncs to the others.

My desktop Outlook hasn't actually been syncing for a couple months, though I didn't notice it at the time. About a week ago, I found that Outlook had disabled the add-in. I could still see all my contacts that were still in Outlook - it's just that any changes made didn't sync in either direction. I re-enabled it, but it still didn't sync.

Now, when I click on the iCloud contacts folder, I get an error message. Without access to my contacts, Outlook is pointless.

Below is what it looks like as well as the error message. Heeeellllpppp.

Outlook icloud error.jpg
I would try repairing the install then sign out of iCloud, make sure the iCloud folders are removed from outlook then sign back in.
I'll try that. I don't know how to sign out of iCloud in Outlook, though. I assume that once I sign out the folders will be removed?
open the icloud control panel from your navigation tray - there will be a button to sign out. it will probably ask you if you want to make a copy of the contacts and appointments - say no. It should remove the icloud folders from outlook, but double check. Then sign back in. This will resync everything in the icloud to a new icloud data file.
I did all that and ran into other problems. in searching web forums about the issue, it seems to be a problem that's very widespread and yet unresolved.

Here's what I did:
  1. Opened iCloud from system tray. Signed out of iCloud. Chose "no" to saving a copy of contacts and appointments, which removed them from my PC.
  2. Verified that Outlook did not display folders for iCloud.
  3. Tried to sign back in to iCloud from system tray.
  4. Got error message ("iCloud for Windows Installation Error") which told me to go to "Programs and Features", select iCloud, and choose "repair". Tried that and got iCloud error message 2343. Clicked only available button "OK" and got error message "Fatal Error during installation."
  5. Searched web for solutions to iCloud error messge 2343 only to find that it's a widespread and ongoing issue that affects many users. The fix that seemed to work for many users was to download and run Microsoft utility "Mr Fixit".
  6. Went to the link for "Mr Fixit" and it auto-detected that I'm running Win 10 so it displayed that the utility is incompatible with my OS.
  7. Searched more forums and found that many Win 10 and Office 2016 (I upgraded from Office 2013) over the weekend) are having the same unresolved issues. See -->
  8. Tried to uninstall iCloud through "Programs and Features" and got the same error messages.
I can't work without my contacts, which were all removed in the process of signing out of iCloud for Windows.

Shoot... I didn't think it was that problem because of the different error message (and i thought you have outlook 2016). Apple will be releasing an up date this month to fix the problems with outlook 2016 - i don't have an exact date, but the only way to get it working in outlook is by uninstalling 2016 and installing 2013.

You could export from and import into outlook, but it's a pita. It would be easier to revert to 2013.
I don't have much confidence that Apple will have this done very soon so I think my best bet is to revert to 2013.

Do I uninstall all of Office 2016 and install all of Office 2013? Or do I (can I) just uninstall Outlook 2016 and reinstall Outlook 2013?

Lastly, whatever the answer is, what are the steps? I have 5 email addresses and a huge pst file so setting them all back up is a pain. Any direction is appreciated. Thx
You need to uninstall all of office and install 2013. Were the accounts set up in Outlook 2013 on this computer? If so, it should pick up the old profile. If not, export the profile key and change 16.0 to 15.0 and import it.

apple published a support document that said it would be fixed in a December update. I don't know if they (like Microsoft) release on a specific day.
I was on Office 2013 (365 subscription) and Win 8.1 when I first posted this issue of Outlook not syncing to iCloud.

I tried the initial things you suggested
1) sign out of iCloud and let it remove my contacts and calendar;
2) ensure the iCloud folders are removed from Outlook; and
3) sign back in to iCloud.

That re-loaded my contacts and calendar back to Outlook, but changes made afterward still didn't sync to iCloud and since I make changes in my desktop PC (this PC) and my phone, things were getting all out of sync.

So while that didn't resolve the issue, I was getting repeated reminders from Windows and Office to upgrade to Win 10 and Office 2016 repeatedly.

Mistakenly, I thought maybe going ahead with the upgrade would solve the problem. Instead, it just went from not working because of "some undiagnosed reason" to not working because iCloud is not compatible with Office 2016.

So, it's conceivable that even if I uninstall Office 2016 and reinstall Office 2013 that maybe the conditions that caused iCloud to not work/sync on my PC may still be present.

I've spent soooo much time trying to fix this and it's wearing me out. Thanks for your help. I'll let you know if I decide to uninstall 2016/reinstall 2013.

If I do that, since I upgraded from 2013 to 2016 and presumably the old profile is there, will that tell all my Outlook apps where my data is stored, etc...?
Yes, everything is stored in the profile key, so it should work just fine. Of course, iCloud on win8 with outlook should also work just fine (as long as the iCloud addin is loaded in outlook). /make sure you have either the newest icloud (5.0) or a recent version (4.x) - if iCloud is too old it won't work in outlook.
Yeah, I saw that on the other forum. I downloaded it and all is right in the world. Thanks for all your help trying to resolve this. I have some other usability questions, but will start new thread(s) when I get a chance. :)
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