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Hi Again,,,
Not sure How Android goes in this Forum, But, Although I'm very Microsoft Driven. Well ,,, ive just retired a windows phone for a Sony Xperia ,,, Heres how I'm trying to set it up;
  1. I have added a google account Only to get Apps.
  2. Everything else about Google sync etc is OFF!
  3. Added My Microsoft Live Account (I think) as a EAS and syncing Contacts; Calendar; Email and Tasks
  4. Ive added OneNote; OneDrive and Office Mobile (whatever that is) and all seems to be Reasonably OK ,,, much better than Microsoft on a Windows phone (I'm sure they'll get there :)
Next; When I Say Sync,,,
I'm not trying to interact with google or other stuff in any way,
I just want;
My Stuff on Outlook 2013 and,,,
My Stuff On Live.Com and,,,
My Stuff on Phone
ALL TO BE THE SAME ,,, Always, as I make changes anywhere !!!
Yes, that’s it !!! That’s all I want :)
Now; Things as I say arnt Tooo Bad ,,,
  • Calendar is doing Some Funny things ,, sometimes updates ok across devices ,, sometimes not ,,, seems to be dependant on whether I Edit/shift existing events (it doesn’t like that), and strange things with Custom recurring things.
  • Contacts ,,, Big issues with LINKING ,,, Wish I could Stop It! ,,, I'm wondering when I export from phone as vcard (for other reasons) whether they will export as a Linked thing or as the separate contacts as I originally entered them!
  • I am dreading the Day when I (for example),,, Ring my New Boss ,,, who has the Same first name as My old Boss ,,, and tell him how Crap my old Job was ,,, Hmmmm ,,, so many things can go wrong here, all because some idiot programmer thinks I need it ,,, or is it all about the new social media type stuff ,,, Not interested !
  • Another issue ,,, I don’t want Skype; facbook;linkedin ,,, I don’t Want them anywhere near my Contacts info! Give me the option to interact if I wish
Ok,,, My Question,
Back when I said I added my Live account as a EAS,,,
There are I think 2 options here, and Im not sure the difference;
In Account SetUp I can Select to Add as either
Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) or as Outlook.com
Does anyone have any advise on the Differences here ,,, what results and Differences etc. remembering that I am essentially using Outlook 2013 and Using Outlook.com (live account?, purely to sync stuff to my Phones ,,,, !
Thanks for any comments suggestions ,,, abck to sorting my contacts :)

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Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) or as Outlook.com

It's one and the same. It's Exchange ActiveSync to Outlook.com (it's the only service that uses EAS at this time, and probably will be for a long time.) I'd actually rather they just called it outlook.com and dropped the Exchange part, a lot of users think it means they are using Exchange. :(

Outlook.com doesn't support all recurrences types, not sure if that is part of the problem though. It is weird with updates - if it doesn't detect a change, it won 't sync. You can usually force a sync by adding or changing a category or editing the notes field.

Are you talking about the annoying linking crap in the People view? It can't be disabled but they are aware that its not always smart. Exporting should export individual contacts - linking is just in people view. Switch to business card or card and its less annoying. If there is a problem exporting, let me know what steps you use and I'll repro.

if you don't sign in to the social services, they shouldn't be linked to outlook or the phone. Log into outlook.com and make sure they aren't linked. In Outlook, don't sign into the social connector. Don't sign in to the social services on the phone.


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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
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Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
Hi Again,,,
My Outlook 2013 now seems to be syncing ok with Outlook.com ,,, via EAS (I think)
Problem is ,, there are over 1,000 contacts showing up in 2013 whereas there are only about 560 in outlook.com (more real)
I think it s because Outlook 2013 is linking extra items that are in Personal folders ,,, which I thought was completely separate from the .live file that is syncing.
If this is the case ( linking too all my other personal folders) can I do anything to stop it ???
I don't really want to delete them as I use these as backup folders

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
In the outlook.com contacts folder, use a View of Business card or anything but People. You can select Business card from the Home tab or from the View tab > Current View. How many contacts do you see now?


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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Outlook.com (as MS Exchange)
Hi Again,,,
I'm not getting very far with this
I deleted everything ,,, Phone Outlook.com and Outlook live in 2013
So Zero Contacts and Calendar every where
then deleted live account in 2013 and phone
then put live account back in 2013 as EAS
then Made it Default
Then copied contacts and events back into live folder in 2013 (from PST)
waited 2 days to give it fair chance of sinking,,,,
I have 1000 contacts that I transferred in 2013
I go look in outlook.com there are only 600 or so there,,,
Whats wrong ,,, Linked ? ,,, surely not that many ,,,
If so is there a way to Unlink ,,, ALL of them
Just so as I can see that the totals Match ,,, then ill prob link them back again
I havnt even started on the phone yet ,,, its still blank ,,, everytime someone calls I just get a number ,,, don't know who it is ,,, very bad for business
,,,, is there another way THAT WORKS ? (remember , I just want everything to be the same ,, all the time on all my devices)
I don't mind if I have to pay ,, ive already bought Mobiledit ,,, plus some others
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