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Using BT internet and was fine for last couple of years! All of a sudden there have been multiple failed login attempts that required me to change my password. This I have done, around 7 times yesterday and this morning. I can log in to my BT Mail account through FireFox/BT.com with my new password and in OL 2010 when maybe an hour or two later I try again and the login fails. When I then login through FF/BT I am again advised there have been multiple failed login attempts and I must reset my password!!!!!
When I did get to send an email from my account it stuck in outbox for sometime then the password box appeared as per the front of attached screenshot. I KNOW I have entered the right Password but OL keeps asking me for the password or fails to access my BT Account. Ticking 'save this password in your password list' box makes no difference.

Sometimes when I Check the OL account and try the test account/next sometimes it works then later fails.
I also use Mailwasher and have again set the right password but again this fails to login.

IF I remove my problem account in OL will this also remove my PST files thereby losing all my emails?

Not sure what to do here, any advise greatly appreciated

I have run sfc/scannow but no improvement.


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This morning I logged in individually and directly from FireFox into my 3 email accounts to make sure I could without any problem. All were OK. I then opened OL and F9'd to download all accounts, two sub accounts downloaded as usual but my main account (as above post) came up with the enter password popup. Yet again I entered the correct password - the one I had used 5 minutes before logging in with FireFox - this resulted in the password screen disappearing. I then tried with the OL Account Settings options and again entered the correct password, the 'testing account' resulted in Logon to incoming mail server (pop3) completed but an error on the Send test email mesage.
Logging back into BT from FireFox resulted in the message that multiple failed login attempts.... reset your password. :mad::mad:
So password reset yet again. FireFox BT login fine.
Opened OL and again entered the new password, used test account settings and this resulted in a success message and OL downloaded the Microsoft Outlook Test Message. So like yesterday it seems to work until shut down and problems arise once re-opened.

Just a guess but I reckon OL has somehow corrupted the password memory, as the enter password seems to popup often and even when entered correctly is not being seen by BT as correct.
There are no problems with two sub accounts and OL is working fine with them, downloading perfectly.
At the moment I can only use OL with the sub accounts which is a real pain. I have just taken over as a club secretary and have lots of emails flying around.

ANY suggestions as to what to do?
Maybe sub accounts not so fine after all.

Thought I would send an email from a sub account (****110****) to my problematic main account through OL. I then noted that the email was still stuck in my outbox, opened out box and found the following screen:BT Sub Account 110.jpg

I have OL set to send immediately so as I cannot find the Password List anywhere I have no idea what the password ********** actually is, although it worked fine a short while ago checking my emails!

I then entered the same password that has been associated with this account for about 3 years and the email was sent the second I hit OK. Ticking the box is no help as next time it appears the box is un-ticked.

The email from my sub account arrived in my main account inbox. Along with 2 more.

All these problems seem to revolve around password memory retention in OL ....?

My brother has Alzheimer's, perhaps OL can suffer as well.....

This is really confusing me !!
Closed off OL around 3 hours ago. On re-opening and attempting to login to my BT account the pasword box popped up yet again, the save box again unticked, I then entered the correct password and clicked OK. no login.
Opened FireFox and attempted a direct login, guess what.... there have been multiple attempts.......reset your password :mad::mad:.

Looks like I will have to abandon OL until I can get this resolved, ran sfc/scannow 3 times but did not help. tried 'Repair' under accounts but that did not help either..

Web search brought me to 'scanpst' which I ran, I found two large 1.4gb PST files with todays date scanpst reported errors on both. Both were 'repaired' then ran again this time no errors were noted.
Back in OL I again entered the latest PW and hit Test' Login and send email were reported as completed. Indeed I was able to login to my BT account and download the sent email. This I have now done many times over the last day or so which has subsequently failed and I have had to register yet another new BT PW. I am fast running out of PWd's I can remember.

Time will tell if the scanpst repair has cured the problem. I REALLY hope/pray so....
Will it be :)
Or will it be another :mad:

Watch this space....
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Decided to make a new profile as per guidance "How to create a new profile" Slipstick Systems.
This worked fine and I linked it to my existing pst file of 1,493,969KB. Set up my 3 accounts with correct passwords and all seemed to be fine.
This morning I logged into my 3 BT accounts online to check they were fine and had no more password errors, all OK.
Opened OL and under send and receive chose each account separately, one worked fine two others brought up the password box with the remember password box yet again un-ticked. I again ticked them and was able to access the emails from the account.

So, even with a new profile it has not resolved the issue with the password box still appearing and being un-ticked.
OL COM Add ins.JPG
I found an article on a MS website entitled 'Save password setting not retained in Outlook or Outlook Express'

This advised a new profile (Which I have done) and also disabling COM add-ins, please see above list of COM add-ins on my PC. I do not want to disable anything that may cause further problems so hope someone (Dianne ? :) ;)) can shed some light on what may be causing the problem and which - if any - 'add-ins' can be disabled.
OL 2010 Windows 10 64.
1-I have 1 Primary BT account and now 3 sub accounts. (4 in total)
2- When receiving emails for the 3 sub accounts OL works fine, no enter password popups and mail is downloaded.
3- When OL attempts to access my primary BT account the password popup appears. I enter the latest password with save password ticked and click OK.
4 - Screen clears and I attempt to download primary account emails.
5- This then normally works (But not every time)
6- Later I attempt to download all accounts again, sub accounts download, primary does not. Popup appears and I enter password again. Download fails.
7- Attempt to login to Primary account via the BT Portal and find again that there have been multiple attempts to access my account I must change my password.
8- I then use a new password and can access my account via BT Portal.
9- Back in OL I make sure that I have entered my new password under the File, Accounts, change correctly and exit. Downloading seems to work for maybe once or twice then after shutdown and restart I am back at 2 above.

I must have reset my password in BT about 15~20 times in the last couple of days.

In my first post I mentioned that Mailwasher also had problems so I uninstalled and reinstalled double checked all entries and downloaded headers from all accounts ok. I just hope it will last.

I have seen one solution suggested about deleting this folder:
Browse to;

Make a backup of this folder while all other programs are closed and then delete that folder. See if your passwords are remembered now. You might need to enter them a single time when you start Outlook for the first time after this.


IF this would do the job then its an option but would guess it deletes everything relating to Microsoft passwords.
I am sure there would be a registry entry for my Primary account password which I could possible delete and re-enter either as a registry entry or by re-entering the password within my OL account settings.

Any advice appreciated.
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