How to retrieve or redo email password without affecting Outlook connection?

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I have a password problem. Please read:

Background facts: I have been [myname] since 2004 or earlier when we first got DSL from Verizon. I'm still there even though I'm now on Verizon FIOS and aol took over all the email and there are always problems with my Outlook getting duplicate incoming emails on an erratic basis (from [myname] only, not from other email accounts)..

In the past year or so, I had to do the special aol password for the Outlook on my PC to continue to retrieve my emails - the same maneuver that is required by aol here:
Update account info in POP3 email applications
My Outlook uses POP3, fully downloads the incoming emails into its .pst file and is set to leave a copy of the email on the server. I like it that way.

In addition, on a different PC, on Firefox, I can go to and it automatically signs me in to my Inbox, so I can read and send emails from there. I don't have to log in. By the way, I occasionally go into my emails their and move old ones into Archive. That helps to reduce the duplicate emails coming into Outlook on my first PC

Problem: Now, I see that my iPad has stopped connecting to my [myname] I believe its connection is IMAP so it never interfered with my Outlook pulling [myname] emails in as POP3. Here's the issue: Either I forgot the password for [myname] or it simply does not work any more - I'm not sure which occurred.

1) Is there a way to see the password that my Firefox is using to connect to I have not been able to find it in Firefox.
2) If I must change the password for [myname] in my aol account, then what bad things will happen?
-- a) Will my Outlook on my first PC lose its connection to [myname] even though it has the special password that was required by aol in the last 2 years?
-- b) Before I change the password, is there a way to see and confirm how aol will send me a security confirmation question or pin? I need first to confirm that aol has the right link to me to send its security query, and not some old link that I cannot access. Reminder - I don't have the password to my account, but I can access it to the initial levels right now on my Firefox.
-- c) If all goes South and I'm completely cut off, what can I do?
-- d) What questions am I not asking you that I should ask?
-- e) What else should I know first?
3) If there is a better forum to post this question, please say!

If there are really good links as to what to do, please post here.


If the password is saved in firefox, it is at about:logins (it looks like they changed the design - passwords used to come up in a separate window). If your password is not there, it's logging you in using a cookie.

Can you get into the security page without typing the password in?

Can you log in from a private browser using the password you think it is?

I don't know how aol handles password changes with app passwords - but changing the real password doesn't usually disable the app password. It really depends on the provider though. If it does void the app password, you'll need to make a new one.

Try making an app pasword for the phone and see if that works.
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