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Going backwards? !
Am installing W10 onto a new drive, went to install my Office 2010 Pro 64bit and found the DVD case was empty and I have no idea where it went.
I do have Office 2003 Pro, I only use Word, Excel and Outlook so could use that in place of 2010 as I only do basic spreadsheets and letters. Assuming W10 will accept Office 2003!

I have an OL 2010 PST file of just over 1GB (Never quite got around to deleting old stuff, just in case.... Is it possible to transfer back from 2010 to 2003 and if so how? and will a 2010 calendar transfer as well?


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Thank you Diane. The link seems to be updated and now goes to Microsoft Sales, there are downloads but not it seems for Office 2010.
I do have the key code but not the program :-(

Diane Poremsky

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Oh, does it? I didn't test it. I know the ones at a site i used to recommend that had links to the digitalriver downloads now rolls over to sales. :(

Is it Professional or Professional Plus? I have a copy of pro plus, but the key likely won't work with it if it's for pro. I used to have the 'all in one' version here somewhere - you put in your key and it installs the correct version, but i'm not sure i can find it. It would be great if i still had it.
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