Outlook 2010 Advice on syncing OL2010 Calendar and Outlook app


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I have used S Planner on my Samsung S3 for some years without any real problem first using Kies on my PC and now Samsung Smart Switch which is recently not even seeing the phone and on another laptop where it does see my phone returns an Unexpected Error' syncing with Outlook. Yeah really helpful, I don't think.
I thought to find a suitable app to replace the Samsung so hit Google Play and found there was an Outlook app, great! err no, my phone was on 4.1 and the app needed 4.4 minimum. Maybe time to update the old phone, so, as I don't use it for calls much but do use the Calendar a lot so will probably go for an S7 which suits me price wise and could run the Outlook App.
What I need to do is import from Excel to my Outlook 2010 Calendar on the PC then sync with my phone, and what I add to my phone sync to my PC. Is this straightforward to do with the above or is there another easy way of doing it? I would rather avoid the Google system.

Seems there are many users with Smart Switch problems, I have uninstalled then reinstalled on both PC and Phone and different leads with no luck.