Problems with calendar syncing


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I am having problems syncing my work Outlook Exchange Work Calendar with my iphone and iPad and gmail calendar.
1) I have had to enter my personal appointments in my "calendar" at work in Outlook and also putting my appointments on my iPhone and iPad using Calendars 5 app. So I have to post twice.
2) I have posted in my work "calendar" my work hours because they change from day to day.
3) I have posted specific work appointments that I don't need to see on my personal calendar in my work's "work" calendar. (I schedule officers training classes and they go on the "work"calendar.)
4) I somehow figured out how to view my work's "calendar" in my Calendars 5 app. But my personal appointments are duplicated and everything that comes from the work "calendar" is all one color instead of in their specific category color.
5) I would like to be able to have my calendars (various calendars for different categories) in my Calendars 5 app be able to view and update in my work's Outlook 2016 exchange. Then put in my work hours in my work's Outlook "calendar" and not put in my personal appointments in the work's Outlook "calendar". I need the work hours to be shared with my coworkers and also synced to my Calendars 5 app on my iPhone and iPad.

I hope I am not confusing y'all too much. I just want to be able to sync back and forth from my iPhone and iPad, Calendars 5 app, and my work's Outlook Exchange 2016 while keeping one of the work's "work" calendar private and not syncing to my iPhone and iPad.

Thanks for any help!!!