Problems syncing emails with webmail after changing to Outlook 2016


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I'm using a webmail service and used to download email to Outlook 2013 (POP), deleteing old emails from the server. When changing to Outlook 2016 (IMAP) I took a backup from the old Outlook and uploaded it to the new. Problem is, that now all my old emails start syncing back to the server, and the webmail is now full... How can I solve the problem? Is there e.g. an easy way to archive emails in Outlook 2016 and delete them from the server? or can I create a new folder in Outlook 2016 for old emails, and choose not to synchronise this back to the server? I could not find instructions online, only other people with the same problem... hoping someone has been able to find an elegant solution :)

Diane Poremsky

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The only way to archive mail and remove them from the server is to move them into a pst. Assuming you still have the pst you imported, delete the old mail from the imap account and as you need space on the server, move newer mail into the pst.