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I am using O365 exchange online and desktop outlook. I am having problems with a number of addins and syncing conflicts ( I would abandon the add-ins except that one in particular is part of a software package which is important to me).

The issue is that the addin adds certain information to the outlook email billing information field. Because I am using cached mode ( I find that outlook is too slow and "spongey " without cached mode enabled ) problems are arising whereby the addin will do its business but the email incl the updated billing information in the local .OST file can conflict with the remote copy of the email. Frequently the syncing process resolves the conflict in favour of the remote version and in the process replaces the initial local copy with a copy of the remote email. This seems only to affect sent mail.

I am considering using POP3 access to the exchange online mailbox from my main computer in order to avoid the syncing conflicts ( but leaving email on the server). Could I access the mailbox using POP3 on one computer but still use exchange server protocol on another ( e.g. laptop when working away from my desk and without the addin active) ?
Could I access the mailbox using POP3 on one computer but still use exchange server protocol on another ( e.g. laptop when working away from my desk and without the addin active) ?
sure... you can do it on one computer and two profiles (if you only need the addin at certain times). Note that sent items will not sync up to the server - if you need them on the server, you'll need to import the pst sent folder into the cached mode mailbox.

If you hit Save (to save an updated copy of the draft), does it work better? Also, when the conflict occurs, the 'loser' should be in the Sync issues > Conflicts folder.
Thanks - tried the second profile and it works well.

Unfortunately hitting save doesn't help.

Hadn't thought about the lack of sent folder sync. and yes the option of monitoring the conflicts folder is an option as is switching to online mode - I suppose its a question of what is the least worst option.

Thanks for a great site.
Monitoring the folder might be faster - online mode tends to be slow.
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