Syncing my inbox not working for certain types of mail

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Outlook 2016 running windows 10
For decades I've been doing this:
When I send an email, it is saved in the sent folder but a copy is also saved in the inbox
When I sync the inbox, that sent-mail copy is sync'd to the mail server
Now, it isn't working.
The sent mail copy is clearly visible in the inbox in outlook
Syncing of deleted mail, stored mail, new incoming mail, etc is all working fine.
And, syncing of the sent mail copy has worked for years and years...until I moved to outlook 2016, although something else could be causing the problem

This is not a critical problem because the sent mail folder is syncing correctly.
But when I go to my inbox using other clients on other devices, the sent-mail copy that is in the outlook inbox is not in the inbox on those other devices.
AOL is the email provider
Is there a way to reverse the ctrl+6? I've lost my favorites list
I've got a ton of errors. All appear to be 80070057-0-0-322
I think these are a result of wifi connection issues impacting an entire folder.
I need to do more research....

but would like to reverse the cntl+6...
Found the list of shortcuts and cntl+1 to get back to mail list
Just checked and the problem also exists with my GSuite gmail.
Every sync from the inbox to every mail server is working except copies of sent mail.
Found the list of shortcuts and cntl+1 to get back to mail list
you can also click the Mail icon (or word Mail) at the bottom of the Navigation pane.

Every sync from the inbox to every mail server is working except copies of sent mail.
Are you using the G Suite sync utility?

When i tested it, i got this sync error below - when i used the option to save the mail into a different folder (choosing inbox), both the original and copy show up online. Changing the setting to not save sent items locally didn't work. I haven't yet tried a script to move (or copy) the message after its in the sent folder, but that (assuming it syncs up) or a rule to BCC yourself would probably be a better option.

16:11:57 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8813.1000
16:11:57 Synchronizing Mailbox ''
16:11:57 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'
16:11:57 Error synchronizing message 'Testing the rule'
16:11:57 [80070057-0-0-322]
16:11:58 1 item(s) added to offline folder
16:11:58 Done
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Was actually able to get support today and they were very good! The sync log showed multiple errors every attempt to sync and the error was a known problem....apparently, my profile was damaged in moving from 2013 to 2016.
I will need to create a new profile and reconstruct. Haven't undertaken that yet, but will soon and will post my experience
my profile was damaged in moving from 2013 to 2016.
I would be surprised if a new profile fixes it. I see the same issue on my desktop and is not working on my (3 week old) laptop. It failed here with gmail and aol for you, so it sounds like an outlook issue. (I'll test it with a 1and1 imap account next but i expect the same behavior.)

21:14:30 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625.2055
21:14:30 Synchronizing Mailbox ''
21:14:30 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Inbox'
21:14:30 Error synchronizing message 'Testing again from yoga'
21:14:30 [80070057-0-0-322]
21:14:30 Done
Makes me less likely to go through the effort of creating a new profile.
I guess I'll just have to change my approach when using mail on other sent mail is still found in the sent folder in that client...not the end of the world but guaranteed I'll forget and panic at some point in the future
You could test it with a new profile, keeping your old one if the new profile didn't fix it, but since i can repro on two computers, i don't hold much hope.

If you want to see replies in the Inbox, use the conversation view.

This obviously won't help with new messages though, but if you need easy access to the sent folder, use the Favorites list.


You could BCC messages using VBA or an addin: Automatically BCC All Messages

You can watch the sent folder and move or copy mail: Use a macro to move IMAP account sent items (I have not tested this in your scenario yet to see if the mail syncs up from the inbox.)

This article has all of the options available in outlook: Choosing the Folder to Save a Sent Message In
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