added new calendar, now not syncing to windows phone

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Outlook 2016 vl version. Windows 10 mobile phone.
after reading about the wrong date for election day, I deleted the existing HOL in Outlook, added the new one. I also added a new calendar for Jewish Holidays, which I downloaded from a website. It is not the Jewish Holiday calendar offered by the website. I find that Outlook calendar needs three tabs open (Calendar, US Holidays, Jewish Holidays) for me to see all 3 at same time. I have merged them.

However, the Windows phone, which syncs to exchange server doesn't show the Jewish Holidays. Only Outlook and US holiday calendars.

I have looked, but can't find a setting to include All calendars on phone, or to make sure all calendars sync.
What am I missing?
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Deleting the HOL calendar to replace with a new one has turned into more of a problem then I originally realized.
after turning on the inferior "Jewish Religious Holiday" calendar at the Onedrive>calendar site, it syncs to my phone.

1.I would rather be using the Jewish Holiday calendar that I found on the web, plus

2. the calendars (my outlook, US hol calendar and my Jewish holidays)don't stay open. every time I start Outlook the US hol and my jewish holidays calendars are not showing. I need to re-check them each start.

any ideas on how to get the calendars to stay "showing" between starts, and get my choice of calendars to sync between devices?


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clarification regarding item 2 above: web research has caused me to notice that the calendar listed first in list of "my calendars" is the one that opens automatically when Outlook opens. the other two that were open when when last using Outlook are not open. So, the question is: how to get Outlook to automatically reopen those calendars next time it starts?


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I am making some headway. I discovered that turning on US holidays at, and adding the Jewish Holiday calendar from web to (have to be logged on to the calendar somehow finds the correct location and adds itself), and then turning it on, then going to phone and turning off/0n various calendars in calendar menu got me the US and Jewish holidays .

so, phone question seems to be answered, for now.
I still can't figure out how to get US and Jewish holidays to show up in Outlook calendar on desktop. Apparently doesn't sync to desktop computer the same as to phone. Desktop computer has its list of calendars to open and doesn't remember from session to session which were used.
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