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Hi all,

First post

Been searching High and low for last couple of days, been given a promotion recently and a lot of my job task for my crews come in by email, At the moment I print the email and give a separate daily record sheet with each email everytime one comes in for the crews to complete during the day. This has becoming very time consuming as I receive close to 60 Jobs a day.

I was hoping by any miracle that I could have the Daily record sheet ( which is a excel workbook) be automatically entered when these emails from certain addresses come in and possible print. My friend was able to do this in Unix, but we use Windows at work. Is this possible or is it only wishful thinking to do this in Windows?

I think you can do it in Windows to - but I want to make sure I understand the process.

You receive an Excel attachment by email and want to automatically print it?

Or do you need to copy text of an email into an excel worksheet?

Both are possible using VBA but (obviously) the VBA you'll need is different.
So I get a Email from say

it comes with job address and what needs to be done at that address.

So I print this and give it to the crew

I also give them a extra worksheet to enter details of what was done at the job, materials used, labour cost etc

I want to minimise the amount of paper work that goes out, so to stop paper work been lost in transit

So when a email comes from, a excel worksheet which is created already is automatically attached to the email and printed on the same page as the Job address and Job details

Hope that explains it

Thank you for the quick responce
Attaching an excel sheet (as an attachment) to incoming email is possible. Printing it with the message on the same sheet (while not using the printer's 2 up print option) requires you to rewrite the message body to include a table with the text - that too would require VBA. I'll take a look at it in the morning.
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