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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Exchange Server

We are using outlook 2010 64 bit on a Windows Terminal Server 2008. We have the outlook social connector installed and the LinkedIN connector as well.

Most things work fine, like the LinkedIN address book and the pictures are visible. However the activity pane is not visible. I cannot see user activity at all. I have searched the internet over and over, but I can't find the solution.

As far as I know, we do not have a group policy that blocks activity feeds. Could it be a firewall issue? Or .Net framework? Java? I don't have a clue at all.
Is it enabled in View, Folder pane?

Are you using online mode? I don't think it matters for the pane, but could affect the contents of the pane. (I'll check that next.)

It's not java - Outlook doesn't use it. It's not the firewall- you'd see the pane but not the feeds within the pane. It could be the net framework...
The pane displays in online mode but it only shows social networking feed - so you won't see any mail in the pane.
Dear Diane,

What do you mean with online mode? I guess you mean Outlook in online mode? Yes, that is enabled. I don't see the pane at all. Only the pictures of the people that are in that specific e-mail.
Can you post a picture of what you do see? I'm thinking it is minimized - you can change that on the people pane menu - but since it sounds like maybe you can't change it, it will help to see what you see.

This is what I see. The pane is not minimized. I haven't tried your .NET framework solution yet.
Something is definitely wrong - it doesn't look at all like its supposed to. What do you see if you double click on one of the pictures?


It's either the net framework or the social connector files.
Dear Diane,

I have given up on this. I tried re-install and .NET framework as well. It works for a part, but not with the social activity feed.
It may be something with terminal services- not all features work in TS.
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