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I re-enabled the LinkedIn social connector plugin as per your instructions on this page
After closing and restarting Outlook 2013, LinkedIn re-appeared in Social Network Accounts. However, it doesn't seem to accept my credentials. At first, "authentication error" was written next to the account, now it says "Password needed".
Is the workaround not valid anymore?
I'm also using Outlook 2013 and it seems that the plugin has completely disappeared from the options available.. I even clicked on the link in Outlook for "Connect to another social network" and the page it directs me too is broken.
You mean photos for profiles that have their profile photos public?
Correct - if the profile photo is public, that will allow them to show. If you were previously signed in, you should still get photos for people linked to you even if private.
Is this if I was previously logged in, despite the fact that I'm now not logged in anymore due to the "update"?

(I was hoping they would be adding new connectors over time, but this seems like they're going to dismantle it altogether soon.)
Yes, when i re-enabled the connector using the key, the linkedin contacts and photos came back, even though the banner said i wasn't logged in.

The connector will be evolving over time but I'm not sure exactly what is going to happen with it - I *think* we will continue to get profile photos and probably contact data showing in the people view (but not saved locally), but I expect that feeds might be going away. I don't know if they will be adding more providers.
how do you re-enable the key? The option to add LinkedIn has completely disappeared from my options. I only see FB and sharepoint.
run the reg key i have at the url in the first post and it should bring the provider back. i have another key that allows the login to work but my outlook is unstable with it enabled. Also, linkedin is deprecated and won't work much longer.
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