Automatic picture download and changing email addresses

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Hi Folks ...

I receive email regularly from a place called I can click the Outlook 2013/64bit security banner to download the 'privacy protection' pictures contained in the email without issue.

BUT ... because emails for are sent from a mail service which has changing @ server names, I cannot add the sender to the 'safe senders' list; or more precisely, I can add it but it doesn't matter since the first two parts of the FROM email address change and are rarely constant ... e.g.,

Adding just the part in the Safe Senders listing does nothing.

Is there any way to specify a root of an address such as those above so that pictures are always downloaded from this domain?

Diane Poremsky

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No, you can't do that. The other option is a rules script that creates a contact (assuming you trust contacts) - of course the problem with that is that you end up with a crapload of contacts you'll never send to.

You could put them in a separate contacts folder so they don't pollute your contacts folder - i think the option checks all contacts folders (possibly all that are enabled as address books). If you have mail from these addresses already, you could create a list of the addresses in excel (i have methods to grab the email addresses), remove duplicates and import to seed the contacts. It's still not a good solution - and honestly, I'd probably just right click on down load each time.


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Rules and Alerts
New Rule
Move messages from someone to a folder
Check 'with specific words in the sender's address'
Step 2, click 'specific words'
Type in ''
Step 2, click 'specified'
Pick the folder you want the emails to go to


Will that allow you to download the pictures without adding the address to the safe list? It would be cool if you could designate a folder to always download.
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