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I am a part of a team that provides support to staff via email during a set period of time during week days.

There is another team who responds to questions via telephoney when we are not working.

During our off hours we use an auto-reply to inform staff that they need to call the after hours team.

We have to remember to set this "automatic reply" daily at some point during the shift (usually right at the begenning) and set it to start at the end of shift.

We forget infrequently, and there have been no incidents thus far, but I don't like leaving the possiblity of human error in any place where automation is possible.

IE: automaic reply at specific times: 1700 to 0800 Daily

I am looking for a macro that will do this for us daily, so that every week day starting at 1700, staff will get reply until 0800 the next AM when we get back covering the weekend as well, if that is possible.

I'm actually surprised that this is hard to find, but I guess not everyone lives in a shift town.

I'm looking very forward to a positive response from any coder who thinks they can tackle this problem.
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