why won't the automatic send/receive work

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Jeremy Reese

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
I have the auto set for 1 minute but no matter what i set it will not show new emails unless i go into a specific folder or manually click on send/receive
I should qualify that. The inbox receives new emails the sub-folders will not.
Is it pop3 or an imap account? It sounds like imap behavior. You should keep the autocheck time above 5 minutes, i usually recommend 8 - 10, because Outlook may not be finished checking for new mail before the next check starts as it is limited in how many threads it can open to a server at one time. If you have a lot of folders and new mail, it might need more time to check each folder.

You can check your send and receive settings to see if all of the folders are being checked or just the inbox. Use Ctrl+Alt+S to open the dialog or look on the Send & Receive ribbon > send/receive groups > configure send/receive.
Thanks Diane.
You are right its an IMAP I ticked the wrong box. I have changed the refresh time and will monitor what happens. Its just that one sender is providing business leads and we are judged against others they send to by our response time. I have been missing the emails as it does not show when a new email is there unless I manually send/receive.
Hope this works.
didn't work. still found an email in a folder 30 minutes after it was sent by clicking on that folder
Its just that one sender is providing business leads and we are judged against others they send to by our response time. I have been missing the emails as it does not show when a new email is there unless I manually send/receive.
Hope this works.

Got a smart phone you can configure to get alerts?

Or I could put you together with another guy who is having problems with mail arriving every minute.... he wants Outlook to check mail once or twice day. :)
The problem appears to be that it will not flag new emails in sub folders of Inbox. The only solution I have come up with is to stop selection a criteria for moving them to sub folders and leave them all in the inbox until I re4ad them. Its a pain as it used to work perfectly. Some coding on an upgrade has caused it not to work I suspect.
Is outlook or the server moving them? If the server, you won't see the envelope when new mail arrives in the subfolder because it doesn't pass through the inbox - but the bold indicator should work on the folder. I add the folders I use the most to the Favorites list so i can easily see if new mail arrived.
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