Outlook opens minimized, won't maximize

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Dear Experts

I have windows 7 with outlook 2010 installed.

When I try to open outlook, it goes directly to minimized at the bottom of the task bar and won't open.

Yes I can hold keyboard shift button and right click on the minimized outlook to maximize,,,,Yes I can open outlook in the safe mode

I have read the problem could be with one of the Add-ins which is " " Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I diabled that and outlook started working properly but after few weeks the problem happened again and I disabled another Add-ins, can't remember what was.

Yesterday happened again and I disabled : Team viewer

Does that means I need to disable all Add-ins to avoid this issue ?



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Is it opening onto another LCD monitor that might be turned off?

You mention TeamViewer. If connecting by TeamViewer, it can only see apps on the main LCD monitor.

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It's either off screen or not on the "right" screen.

If you only use one monitor, right click on the Task bar and choose cascade or tile.
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