Outlook 2010: Missing tab - "Format/Picture Tools" HELP!

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HELP with Outlook 2010 missing tabs... It first happened a few years ago when I upgraded to 2010 (Freestanding) Outlook, and now that I just reinstalled the same version on a new Windows 8 computer it is rearing it's horribly ugly head again!! That is, the "Format/Pictures Tools" tab has disappeared! I use it frequently, and am lost without it. I tried a resedit solution mentioned by a few people to no avail, and have tried to repair my Outlook as well. I would LOVE any input or suggestions you may have. I don't understand how such a huge "glitch" has not been corrected by Microsoft.

Btw, I've also read "try renaming the olkexplorer file at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office then restart outlook", but can't locate that folder in Windows 8.1 and am not sure what to rename it... Thank you in advance for any input!!
do you only have outlook 2010 installed or the entire suite? if only outlook 2010, features added by word are missing. Copy winword.exe or a file named winword.exe into the same folder as outlook.exe.
Diane, I'm pretty sure you are my new hero. I swear to God I have probably spent over 10 VERY FRUSTRATING hours this past week trying to fix this issue, as I need to crop pix in email frequently for my business. Could not get clear info anywhere that Word files are needed for this function on "standalone" Outlook, though it was alluded to somewhere. I installed and uninstalled Office 2000 (It worked fine with my Windows 7 pc tho I had same issue but eventually was able to get the Format/Picture Tools tab back... Just couldn't remember how. Just now, based on your suggestion, I did a custom install of just Word from Office 2000, but it seemed to install everything so there were Outlook 2000 vs 2010 conflicts, and NO Format/Picture tools. Then I found WinWord.exe 2007 on my Windows 7 pc and used a flash drive to copy it to new Windows 8 pc, in the same folder as outlook.exe as you suggest -- and as you can see from pic below, it worked!! Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate it, and will be back to your site often!! One more quick question -- though you probably have this in another thread... What happened to my Bcc field? How do I restore that?

Thanks so much!! Please message me with your address and I'll send you a pair of NiteSpecs!!! :)

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On the BCC address: it should be on the options tab, but i don't see one in your screenshot. Go to File, Options, Customize ribbon - is Options unchecked?
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