"Int-" prefix added to sender's address

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When I send a message to someone, they see the sender's address with an "Int-" prefix added to the name.

For example, Int-joe@soandso.com when in reality, the address is simply joe@soandso.com.

When the person tries to reply, the message is sent to Int-joe@soandso.com generating a mailer-daemon failure notice.

Is there a preference that needs to be adjusted to avoid having this prefix added?


Your From address has the int added to it? First, check the settings in your account - Tools, Account Settings, double click on the account and check your address. Click More Settings and check the Reply to address.
Hi Diane,

Checked both of those and they appear to have the e-mail address correct.

I actually added the address to the reply e-mail box as it was blank.

when I sent a test message to my Yahoo account, it appeared to be from the correct address, but on my reply to the message, the int prefix was added!

I just don't get it.

Any other suggestions?


Can you test it with another account, just in case it's yahoo? Better, yet, send me an email to diane [at] slipstick. I'll take a look at the header - my last idea is that the smtp server is doing it.

Who is the email account through? Is that int- address associated with the account in any way?
in the copy you sent me, the From address was clearly "int-name@domain.com" I think the admin has the address messaged up in exchange.
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