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I have been having trouble getting the right calendar (CALENDAR) on my iPhone 5 to sync with OL 2010 using the Code2Sync tool. I tried creating different rules to achieve this and had some success in getting the right calendar in OL, however, I cannot figure out how to get OL Today (by clicking on Personal Folders at the top of the folder tree pane) to show my upcoming events. This used to work (I should mention that when I was having trouble getting the most current version of iTunes to install correctly, I uninstalled C2S in order to try to purge my PC of everything Apple in order to start over - little did I know it was unnecessary to uninstall C2S). When I continued to try creating different sync rules in C2S, I started getting duplicates on some of my iPhone-created events (sometimes 4 and 5 dups) on both my phone and in OL. 99% of the time I create events in my iPhone and again, I only use CALENDAR.

I would like to just start from square one in syncing my iPhone with OL, so I have removed the iCloud items from the folders tree and turned off sharing of mail, contacts, and calendars in the iCloud control panel. If I turn the sharing back on in the control panel, will the same contacts/calendar events show up in OL or will it be clear so I can start a new sync?

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Outlook Today uses only the default data file to populate the today screen.

I assume you've already fixed this, but for others, I would sign out of icloud, do not allow it to create a copy in outlook then sign back in. I'd probably delete everything in code2 sync and set it up again to sync with the icloud folder.
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