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When my friend "color-codes" a new calendar event (puts it in a colored category) on her iPhone, it appears in iCloud online as expected. But it does not sync down to her Outlook. If she creates a new calendar event and leaves it at the default color, then it syncs correctly to Outlook. Any ideas how to fix this?

I was not aware the color codes create new calendars. When I look in iCloud with a browser, I do see now that they appear to be different calendars.

Where do I go to tell Outlook to sync them? I am not on her computer right now. Do they just show up in the left had side list and just need to be check-marked? Thanks
I tested it on mine last night, it will create the calendar in Outlook when syncing. I posted some screenshots in the other thread - in the iTunes calendar section, choose all calendars and it should sync. (I created Test calendar on my ipad last night. )
But she is using iCloud not iTunes to sync the calendar. Choosing All Calendars in iTunes should not affect iCloud syncing, would it?

No. It's two different ways of syncing - you can use one or the other, not both. Each has pros and cons - basically, instant sync over the internet to all computers vs. not having a separate data file that doesn't work with the to-do bar or outlook today and syncing to only one computer.

Did you verify the separate calendar wasn't downloaded to the iCloud data file in Outlook?
Yes, I see now that there are more calenders listed on the left side under the iCloud calendar, so I assume they are in the iCloud data file. It looks like those calendars just need to be selected, and they contain the missing calendar events I referred to above. Thanks for clearing that up.

I want to make sure I am fully understanding the pros and cons you mentioned above.
Please confirm if I got it right:
iCloud sync: Instant sync over internet. But it creates a separate data file that contains the calendar and contacts. And it doesn't work with the to-do bar or Outlook today.
iTunes sync does not create a separate data file, but only syncs to one computer. (and can do the sync over usb cable or wifi).

Also, when does the iTunes sync over wifi happen? Do you have to initiate it? Or if iTunes is running and the iPhone is on the wifi network, does it happen immediately, on its own?

Correct on the pros and cons.

ITunes sync should be automatic but iTunes needs to be running. (That is a Con too.) I'm not sure if it only syncs when the device is recharging - or if that only applies to the first sync (and ios updates). I thought my test calendar synced and it wasn't charging, but I could be wrong... i need to test it again after it's done recharging and pay more attention.
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