iCloud for Windows 11.2 disconnects by itself after 30-45 minutes

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Bill D

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Outlook 2019 32-bit
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I'm a long-time user of iCloud for Windows and I've been using it with Outlook 2019 for about a year.

I've just upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004 and to iCloud for Windows 11.2 (from the MS app store). After working for 30-45 min, my OL stops working. When I look at my iCloud status screen it is asking for my apple UN/PW again. When I look in my OL mail setup, all my email passwords have gone blank.

Signing out, then back into Windows doesn't fix it. I have to reenter my apple UN/PW, which magically causes all my blank passwords re-appear in my OL mail setup. Then my OL works again for another 30-45 min.

To narrow it down, I did the same steps above without ever starting OL and I got the same results. In other words, iCloud for Windows disconnects in 30-45 min even if OL was never running.

Another clue - when signing out, then back into Windows while iCloud is disconnected, my MS OneDrive prompts for my MS PW, which it doesn't normally do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Vincenzo- I've tried various repair/reinstalls and the problem persists.

Diane- I'm using the MS app store version (11.2). When I looked for the apple version, it seemed apple now only specs its version (now at 7.19) for pre-Win 10 use. The apple site directed me to the MS app store version for use on Win 10 or newer.

However, my wife's laptop has not been upgraded to Win 10 v2004 and is running apple's iCloud 7.19 on the same iCloud acct as mine (for sync of contacts & calendars between our apple devices and laptops). I just noticed that her iCloud connection has also been kicked off during my testing. I also saw new duplicate devices listed as connected to my iCloud acct. Using my iPhone, I deleted them all and I'm starting fresh. My blended apple/app store iCloud environment may be the problem. I'll report back what I find.
The apple version will work on windows 10 - they are just trying to get everyone on the app because its apparently easier to push out updates - as they don't need the user to do anything to update.
OK, thanks - I'll install the apple version.
Meanwhile, FYI - What I have found in my testing of the app store version in a simplified environment:
If I enter my email passwords into Outlook Mail Setup and enter my apple UN/PW into this app, it will keep working indefinitely (with or without OL running). But if I sign out of windows and back in, the app still works but will stop working after 30-45 minutes prompting for my UN/PW and making my email PWs blank. If I fill in everything it will again work indefinitely. Another windows sign out/in and it will again only work for another 30-45 min.
I uninstalled the app store version and currently do not have any version of iCloud for Windows installed, but I still have the problem described above. All of my Outlook 2019 email passwords go blank 30-45 minutes after I sign on to windows. Any suggestions?
This now appears to NOT be a problem with iCloud for Windows as I originally suspected, but instead, a problem with Windows 10 version 2004 causing various saved Credentials to be lost (including my OL email passwords and my iCloud password) shortly after a restart. Unfortunately, my 10 days have expired to revert to the previous version of Windows, so I'm still struggling to find a solution.
Update: It appears, starting with Win 10 v2004, that it's now required to be signed-in to Windows with an MS account instead of with a Local acct, or your Credential Manager won't work correctly, resulting in your on-line passwords (including outlook email PWs, iCloud PW, OneDrive PW, etc) to disappear and reappear sporadically.

In my case, I had to go from being signed-in to Windows with my MS acct back being signed-in with a Local acct and back to sign-in again with my MS acct in order for my Credential Manager to start working correctly. After that, I installed iCloud for Windows from the MS app store and it has been working well.
That's pretty crazy! Glad you found it.
Thanks for the update.
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