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Hi, New to this forum. My apologies in advance if I'm not using this site correctly.

I have searched this forum, Microsoft's forum, and Apple forums and have not found a solution that is directly pertaining to my problem. After reading responses on all sites on this forum seems to be the most knowledgeable in regards to Outlook & icloud.

Using: Outlook 2007 & Icloud-1

My issue: Icloud had been working perfectly for years syncing with Outlook until yesterday. When I started getting this message: The set of folders cannot be opened. An unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service C:\PROGRA~2\COMMON~1\Apple\INTERN~1\APLZOD.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.

Windows may have done an update to my PC other than that nothing else has changed.

What I've tried: Unchecked contacts, mail & calendars in icloud dashboard and rechecked. Signed out of icloud and signed back in (actually looked like it was going to work, but failed and got message again) & Repair from uninstall programs in control panel for icloud.

The repair made me restart so I was under the assumption it would replace the dll file.

Any thoughts on the next steps to try and repair are appreciated.
it's a bug in the newest outlook security update. At this time, the only solution is to uninstall it from control panel then hide it so it won't be reinstalled. The Outlook 2007 KB number is KB3191898.
Outlook 2007 KB number is KB3191898
I just experienced the same issue in MS Outlook 2016 (32 bit). Would you please indicate which security update I should uninstall for Outlook 2016 and how to hide it so it won't be reinstalled? Thanks so much for your kind assistance!
this issues should only affect outlook 2007, not the newer ones.

Are you using 2 factor authentication? Apple is forcing this as of june 15 if you want to use any 3rd party apps such as outlook.
this issues should only affect outlook 2007, not the newer ones.

Are you using 2 factor authentication? Apple is forcing this as of june 15 if you want to use any 3rd party apps such as outlook.
Very sorry for the late reply. I have set up two factor authentication. I discovered that my ISP, "Spectrum" which used to be Time Warner Cable, is undergoing merger pains. My email address is on one of their incoming mail servers that has been malfunctioning for over a week now. My ability to get email delivered is sporadic at best and they can not even provide an estimate as to when this problem will be resolved. I am trying to get them to port my email address to a working server...but no luck thus far in that regard.
I have set up two factor authentication.
You'll need to use the app password for the icloud email for sure. I think the normal password will work in the iCloud addin for calendar & contacts (but haven't verified as i don't have two factor enabled). If the addin doesn't trigger the second login screen, you'll need to use the app password.
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