icloud pictures not showing in Outlook 365


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Hi - really hope someone can help me on this as its been driving me nuts for several days. I did not have this issue on my old Windows 7 machine

I recently purchased a new Windows 10 Dell machine. I installed latest Office 365 (incl Outlook) and also iCloud control panel. Calendar, Tasks, Reminders and Contacts all sync ok between iCloud and Outlook BUT...

In the Outlook Contacts view NONE of the Pictures from my iPhone/iCloud are showing up. When there is a picture attached to a contact I just get an empty square on the business card or the persons initials in the people pane view.
I have also linked the Windows 10 People App to iCloud and the pictures are showing up fine there.

In the image below the problem is with the first 2 contacts on first row and last contact on second row. The others don't have a picture in iCloud and therefore the vertical grey bar is correct

Annotation 2019-06-07 092540.png

I have uninstalled iCloud several times with restarts in between but this has not resolved the issue
I have also tried editing pictures on the phone to try to force the pictures through - this has not helped. A text change is updated but picture is still empty
Also tried adding a new contact on the phone with a picture - also not helped - contact comes into Outlook ok but no picture
However adding a new contact in Outlook with a picture does go back to the iphone but if I then edit that picture it does not update back to Outlook

I did not have this issue on my old Windows 7 machine

I have searched for a solution but am unable to find one.

Any help would be appreciated