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Hi All,

I encounter a problem with version 2.x of iCloud for Windows, for which I cannot find any solution on the forums I looked into.

The problem is as follows: using Outlook 2010 32bit, along with iCloud for Windows (now latest version 2.1.1).

Syncing agenda's and tasks works fine (i do not sync emails), but when reading emails, i.e. in my personal Inbox, following happens:

- when read, the email title remains in bold lettertype

- when hitting delete button on an email, it does not disappear from the list (the number of unread emails decreases though)

When changing from folder (i.e. going to the folder with the eamils of my wife, and then returning, all is updated fine.

When opening an email, it works fine, but hitting the delete button in the email window itself does not work neither.

When I desactivate the iCloud plugin in Outlook 2010, the above issues disappear (but then I loose the syncing feature of course).

Anyone any idea?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll look into it - this is the first complaint I've seen for this problem.

Most of the time the problem of "outlook not deleting" is because the user has IMAP and the deleted messages are marked with a line through, waiting to be purged. The purged items are hidden after the folder is refreshed. (Microsoft discovered users were confused when 'hide read mail' or 'hide deleted items' views refreshed immediately.)
thanks, Diana.

As you stated this is clearly another issue as I'm using POP3.

It generates the same kind of confusion hough: the email remains visible as "Unread" (in bold) when returning to your Inbox list, although it has been read.

Same when hitting Delete button: it is effectively deleted, but is does not show as such.

I do not recall having had the issue with the 1.x version of iCloud for Windows.

I already removed the CodeTwoSync application, as I thought this would generate the cause, but issue is persistent.

kind regards,

Hi, Diana,

were you able to dig a bit into my problem? Tried some other forums, but I didn't.

kind regards,

I haven't been able to repro but will try again.

Have you tried resetting the view? The read/unread state is automatic formatting in a view. Switching folders causes the view to refresh.
Hi Diana,

I think I found the issue. I'm running G-Data Internet Security 2013 suite. This installs a plug-in into Outlook 2010. Seemingly the iCloud and G-Data plug-ins conflict.

Found out when disabling the G-Data plug-in. Then all works fine; no issues at all. When re-activating the G-Data plug-in, this described issue re-appear.

Just wanted to let you know, so you're informed in case other members face the similar issues.

Thanks and ye for now.

Thanks for the update. Every time I think I know which security software installs Outlook addins, a new one comes up. Thanks!
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