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I currently sync my iPhone & Outlook Calendars using iTunes. Recently, many people using iTunes received this message: "support for syncing contacts and calendars has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version of iTunes".

I only use Outlook for Calendars & Tasks (& I don't need to sync tasks). I have tried syncing with iCloud years ago, but ended up with duplicate entries (because of 3 calendars).

Someone posted at that they were able to migrate contacts & calendars to a Microsoft account & said that this caused automatic updates.

So I have two questions:
1. Do I have to use Outlook for email if I want to try this?
2. If not, how can I set up my Outlook account to have a calendar. I only see this image:

Thank you in advance!
You need to add the account to outlook desktop and move the calendar and contacts (and tasks) into the folders then add the account to your phone. You don't need to use it for email - and on the phone, can turn off mail sync. (you'll see the inbox and mail folders in outlook desktop.)
Thank you for your reply. I'm still somewhat confused. I have a Microsoft account, but don't have an account. When I went to (Outlook – free personal email and calendar from Microsoft), it asks if I want to create an account.
1. Is this what I have to do first?
2. If so, do I sign in with my Microsoft credentials?
3. When you say "add the account to outlook desktop, are you talking about the Outlook that I already have or this: Home | Outlook on the Desktop
4. If I do this, will the "new" outlook on my desktop still use the same outlook.pst file that I have now? I have an older Outlook on Windows XP & I copy the outlook.pst files back & forth to keep them in sync.

Sorry for appearing so dense.
Hi phrab,
I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here. I use iCloud to sync my iPhone and Outlook calendars, but I don't try to combine them. I can view both at the same time on either my desktop Outlook or my iPhone (using Apple's Calendar app). To do this, you install and enable iCloud on the PC. Then open the iCloud app from the program list, sign in to your Apple ID if necessary, and click the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks with Outlook" box. Apply the change and iCloud will install the integration software with Outlook. Then you go to the Outlook calendar tab and you should see your calendars under the iCloud heading. Check or uncheck the calendar you want to show. You'll see several calendar tabs, and you can drag the tabs to one calendar pane to have them show on the same calendar as different colors.
I don't think you need an account on to do this.
Hi John:
Thank you for your reply & advice. I found that using iCloud didn't do what I wanted. My situation is a little more complicated.

I have Outlook on two machines: WinXP & Win10. Quite honestly, I prefer the Outlook 2003 that I have on WinXP. I copy the Outlook.pst files back & forth between the machines, which works fine.

The problem that I had with iCloud was:
1. I don't use Outlook for mail, so I don't want to sync my Thunderbird client with Outlook & I get my email both in Thunderbird (both machines) & on my iPhone.
2. I also don't want to sync my Outlook contacts with my iPhone or iCloud.
3. Possibly because I have 2 Outlook calendars (1 on each machine), I found that when I would sync Outlook 2016 with my iPhone (which also created a calendar in iCloud), I would often end up with duplicate entries. I'd have to delete the iCloud calendar & recreate it.

I tend to want to keep personal information on my computer & not in the cloud (which is basically a server owned by someone else).

I think what I may do is try to not update my iTunes, so that I can keep the current version. Not sure what will happen when I get a new iPhone. ?

In any event, I do thank you for your suggestions & appreciate your time.
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