Outlook syncing -- Outlook 365 and Sky Drive and Exchange ActiveSync

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
I need to start with the basics.

Desktop running Windows 7 and Office 365

Laptop running Windows 7 and Office 365.

The following are the same on both computers:

Gmail account - IMAP/SMTP

GoDaddy account - IMAP/SMTP

PC: Gmail.com (1) Exchange ActiveSync In data file: c:\users\bob\......\....@gmail.com (1) (4).ost (the gmail accounts are the same as used for the regular email account on both computers

Laptop: exactly the same as PC except @gmail.com (1) (2)

A Hotmail account is used for the Exchange ActiveSync accounts.

Does all this make sense?

The emails sync perfectly for the Gmail accounts and the GoDaddy accounts. The ActiveSync account nothing goes through.

The Calendar syncs perfectly.

When I add an new Contact to my database on one computer it does not sync to the other computer. When I write something in the NOTES section of one contact, it does not sync to that contact on the other computer. What is supposed to sync for Contacts and how can I make it do so?

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