syncing Outlook 2013 tasks with android

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Problem: I want to sync my Outlook 2013 tasks with my Samsung S4 running Android

Background: I currently have Outlook 2013 running on Windows 7 syncing with my account. After a tremendous effort researching how to sync OL2013 with Android ( vs Pop3 etc), most of my answers were discovered on (Thank you Diane et al). The calendar seamlessly syncs from my desktop through to my Android without fail; ditto with my contacts. However, I have only been able to sync my tasks from Outlook 2013 to - I can not seem to figure out how to see my task list on my Samsung Android smartphone.

Any suggestions?

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I'll check - i thought you could sync tasks to the calendar app, but it might only be for exchange accounts. I'm not sure if the apps work with or only exchange either.
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