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Simon Raihani

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Did you copy the events into the calendar? They don't always sync up; sometimes they will if you edit them.
I just wanted to add to my original posting above and to explain that the only reason I started using is because I purchased a Nokia 1520 WP8....
Yes I did. I looked for a way to import rather than just copy but could not find anything. I literally thousands of past appointment so editing them all is out of the question.

The reason for creating this MS account was simply to sync my Nokia 1520 with my Outlook 2013. I must say, MS has done a really poor job in offering synchronisation options for WP8.

I think I will wait for a few months and if no straight forward sync app comes along I will consider to go back to Android.
Try adding a category to a few and see if they sync. It worked for me and for some others, but not for everyone.
Hi Diane,
actually, purely accidentally I stumbled on a Sync Software that I had never heard of before; it does cost appx. $50 But my God it works well. The software is by DejaOffice (easily found on Google). I am still in the trial phase but it synchronises everything well between my computer and my WP8 Nokia 1520 (which was the objective from the start...) , it even maintained my categories! The synchronised contacts are indicated in the WP8 "People" tab with DejaOffice indicated. The Calendar is infinitely better than the MS offering....Tasks are imported perfectly... I am going to purchase this app and recommend it to anyone with a WP8.
All the best
That is the software from companion link? Companion link works great IMHO (i use it to sync gmail calendar and contacts to outlook). I've heard less than glowing things about dejaoffice though, although I only hear from people who used it and didn't like it - actually, I think the complainers had all had androids, so maybe it's that platform that is buggy.

I definitely recommend companion link if you don't mind spending money to make it work, unfortunately many people want to avoid that. (Can't blame them, but you do get what you pay for.)

If you own your domain name, Office 365 is a good solution too - no 3rd party utilities required and it syncs great with android, apple, and windows phones and tablets.
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