Outlook 2013 Outlook 2013 no longer syncing 1 of 5 IMAP accounts

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I have 5 separate email accounts set up in Outlook 2013. - 3 Gmail, 1 Hotmail and 1 "Sympatico" (which uses the Outlook.com platform, so it looks like Hotmail) - all set up as IMAP. (Win 8.1 PC)

Two days ago problems began with the Sympatico account ONLY. (The other 4 are completely functional.)

Initially it was very slow to sync various folders but eventually it stopped to sync the Sent folder entirely. Because I had (just prior to this) uninstalled Adobe Reader DC, I wondered if that had messed something up so I tried a System Restore (4 different points) but none of them actually worked. (some error regarding my restore points failing.)

So today I deleted that Account and recreated it. All of the folders (which I see on Outlook.com) were recreated in the new O2013 Account but they fail to synchronize. Some folders start with gusto and then stop after 20 emails are downloaded. Others just won't sync at all. I repeatedly click on Send/Receive - and at the bottom it always claims to be synchronizing but nothing changes. Note: I can SEND emails from this account just fine (and copies do end up in the Sent folder online) but I receive no new emails and Sent and the other folders do not update in Outlook 2013. I get no error messages that I can see.

I've spend the past 2 days reading on this and tried the suggestions I can understand. Via IMAP folders, all my folders show (and aren't rooted) but I tried that anyway. Rooting inbox simply caused me to lose what few emails had been downloaded in the rest of the IMAP folders. (I've now unrooted my Inbox). Unchecked the Hierarchy box etc. I tried a "Repair" of Outlook 2013. I see Diane's "Outlook 2013 IMAP Troubles" entry but it seems to be referencing November 2013? updates so I haven't tried to figure out if the KBs she lists are the problem - since my issues are only very recent - and I've left the updates alone - in no small part because I wouldn't know how to do it anyway.

While the idea fills me with great fear, is uninstalling Outlook 2013 and starting everything from scratch the only thing left to do? It seems such a shame since the other 4 accounts are working just fine. (I presume to do this, one has to somehow delete all the .ost and .pst stuff that is related or they just repopulate all messed up? - I really don't fully grasp this as you can tell.)

Please, can someone help me? I know this is a common problem but I'm desperate for help and I really don't know what to do.

Thank you.
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