Outlook 2013 email folder sync problems using OneDrive

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So here’s some background:

- 3 Devices
o iPhone 5S
o HP Envy laptop w/ Windows 8.1
o Microsoft Surface Pro w/ Windows 8.1

- I have an imap email account that is setup through the website that hosts our company website.
- Using Outlook 2013 via Office 365.
- Set up to sync all 3 devices via the cloud-based “OneDrive” (formerly “SkyDrive”).
- Outlook calendar and contacts are also sync’d via “OneDrive” and I don’t seem to be having any syncing
problems with those.

At present, all 3 devices seem to sync fine for “inbox” mail. I see incoming mail and when I read it on one device, the other two will show that it has been read and deleted mail is deleted on all 3 devices…usually within a few seconds, but occasionally longer.

It does not sync “deleted”, “drafts”, “sent items” or any of the other folders. Those emails are only kept on the device on which the task was performed. So if I am looking for an email I sent or deleted…I may have to check all 3 devices to find it…not cool! In addition, Outlook seems to create random folders like “Sent from all devices”, “sent”, “trash”, etc. There’s one that’s labeled “Sync Issues (This computer only)"...its a hot mess!
I've gotten to the point that if I want to save an email, I save it to a file in “OneDrive” (cumbersome)… but at least that way I can access across the 3 devices. Some of the folders showed up on their own. I’ve tried to delete a few, but they seem to pop back up. I read somewhere that if Outlook doesn’t know how to file an email, it will make up a folder. Having said that, most of these folders have nothing in them! This account has 4 “sent…” folders and I can’t figure out how it determines which folder sent emails are put in.

I’d really like to clean this up with the fewest number of folders possible and have all 3 devices able to “see” the same sent, deleted, and draft items. Is that possible? It sure seems like it should be. I suspect it has to do with where the folders are located and it seems that all but the “Inbox” resides in the local device. The “Inbox” seems to reside in “OneDrive”.
So you have 3 devices set up to sync to Outlook.com using Outlook 2013's EAS account type? Or are you using IMAP? The usual fix for sync issues is to remove the account and add it back, or make a new profile, but you'll lose anything not synced up.

Either account type will create a folder set for each account - so with 3 accounts, you'll have 3 sent folders, one inside each account's pst file.

Try adding a category to one item that hasn't synced up and see if that will trigger a sync.

What do the sync issues message say? They will indicate where the problem might be.
3 devices and I'm only trying to remedy 1 IMAP email account. I do not get any sync error messages...they just don't sync!
I tried a "fix" I found and that ended up duplicating some folders and I now have 8 folders under one "Inbox" that has the word "Sent" in the label. There are 26 total folders that have been auto-added.
Did the folders sync up to the server? Make sure any 'this computer only' folders are empty and then delete the data file and let outlook recreate it. If the folders didn't sync up (or if they did and you deleted them from the server) Outlook will recreate the data file without them.
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