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Is "Microsoft Exchange add-in" required in Outlook 2013 in order for iTunes sync to work? I disabled it a while ago, and I've noticed that the last two syncs didn't update Contacts on my iPhone. So I checked the Info tab in iTunes, and there were notices about Outlook not being installed (for all items on that page). When I added the add-in back, and "restarted" both applications, the sync went through as before.
Well, it shouldn't be needed.... but obviously, itunes wants it. It handles some calendar processing and is only used by Exchange accounts (including on the new server). if you don't use exchange account, you shouldn't need it.

I'll keep this in mind when people say outlook isn't syncing and see if they also have it disabled.
It makes sense, and I also thought so. Anyhow, I'll try disabling it and see if it repeats the next time I sync (just to rule out any other coincidence - but then again, I don't use any other add-ins in Outlook).
Maybe Apple changed it in one of the last iTunes updates (also iTunes used to start instantaneously, now it takes a minute or so :O ).
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