Outlook 2010 Godaddy Microsoft exchange 2007 stopped updating


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Out of the blue my Godaddy Exchange Server stopped updating. I called support and they thought I might have a corrupt server address and said they could help me reconnect it manually. The correct server address should have been "mail.ex1.secureserver.net". It was 8+ random letters /numbers + exe1.secureserver.net (sample: 12N3Rr4321.ex1.secureserver.net). I can't remember the actual sequence. We changed it back to the correct address and I could never get Outlook to load on my computer again. I cant even see it on owa.myaddress.com. I am still receiving email on my Android and it is updating fine and I can still see my current .ost database on my desktop. The agent said it was my computers fault not theirs and if I don't want to loose all my data my only solution is to buy Microsoft 365 for 3 times the cost than I am paying now for my exchange. Is this a scam? Why can't I just re-download Outlook to get it back up and running. I actually did try to download (repair) outlook but still didn't fix the problem. I really don't want to migrate to 365 now.

Diane Poremsky

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I think it's bad tech support, rather than an outright scam. It's more likely a problem with a recent update.

All of your data is on the exchange server - so nothing should get lost. Did you try making a new profile - put in your name, address and password and let outlook try and find the server.

What os are you using? Are all updates installed for windows and outlook?