GoDaddy office 365 setup wizard erased old Outlook emails?

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My client was using Yahoo (now Aabaco) Business email; we switched his emails to Godaddy Email Essentials Office 365 to have his hosting, domains and email in one place. I am a novice to Outlook to say the least.

After creating the 4 email Users he needed, Godaddy walked him through the Outlook setup wizard for his main account, saying we did not have to make a pst file of his old Outlook account settings in Yahoo because his old emails were all downloaded already to his local computer?
They said he would see everything the same - folders, emails, contacts, calendar - just the backend settings would be changed to GoDaddy.

When he opened up his GoDaddy Outlook, everything was gone, only a Welcome to GoDaddy message appeared. He has not cancelled his Yahoo business mail yet; and I believe his Yahoo emails are still showing on his phone. Is there any way to get the old emails from his phone? or from Yahoo web mail? did he totally erase his old Outlook settings for his Yahoo Business mail when he used the Godaddy Outlook wizard through GoDaddy's Office 365 setup?

Thank you for any help you can possibly provide to solve this.
Was the yahoo account set up in outlook? Is the account still in Outlook or did you delete it? If it was deleted from outlook, was it set up as pop3 or imap?

Can you create an account in outlook pointing to the yahoo server? You'll need to use manual setup - if he has folders other than the inbox in webmail, you'll need to use imap so everything is downloaded. After everything downloads (if using imap), export to a pst. Then import into the new mailbox.
Diane - thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes to 1st question, I think. He did not delete the Yahoo Outlook account, but I think it was overridden when the new GoDaddy Outlook account was set up?

I think our best bet would be to arrange private time with you this week? Then he can answer all your questions directly, and take advantage of your expertise.

Would that be possible? I see the sign up area for private time with you, your pricing is well worth it.
Thank you,
I can certainly take a look at it.. as long as the account exists at yahoo, we can get the mail out of it.
His Small Business email account still exists on Yahoo (now Aabaco), he has not cancelled it.

I am reaching out to my client now.

Thank you again.
If it was POP3 in Outlook the data file should exist on the computer too.
If it was POP3 , he may just need to be walked through downloading the Outlook data file to his computer; then have you upload the pst file for him to the new GoDaddy office 365 User account for his main email.
(assuming we're talking about the gentleman i had scheduled this morning) Correct. We found the pst file on his computer and imported it - now its just a matter of syncing it up to the server.
Diane - my client is very pleased - everything has been restored in his Outlook emails the way he wanted it.

I recommend your services highly!

For anyone on this thread - Please do not hesitate to use Diane Poremsky for any Outlook issues you may have.
Diane - one last item - were you able to confirm that his phone is setup to receive the GoDaddy Office 365 mail now also?
Thank you.
Thanks! Yes, we checked it. I wasn't able to see it, but he said the mail was coming in and calendar had started to sync.
I am not sure if his phone was set up on his Godaddy Office 365 account. Is it possible he is still seeing the Yahoo emails on his phone?

He made need one more session with you to confirm this.. then he can safely cancel his Yahoo Business emails and hosting.
If it's not receiving new messages or new appointments, then it could be pointing to the wrong server. He can check the account settings - if it says exchange or office 365 account type in the outlook app Settings, its the correct account type. If mail isn't flowing, then its something else.

(The native mail app setting may label it a corporate account.)
Thank you again for your excellent service.

I will forward this to him
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