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I hope I can explain this properly, and get an answer that will explain it in terms I can understand.

My company uses Exchange emails. I'm certain some of the functionality is great for general purposes, but some just doesn't work for us!

We have "group emails". The way we use these (and there are several), is for example, will be checked by Bob, Joe and Kim. We need all three people to get ALL the emails on their computers. When they get the emails, they need to be able to respond to them, and then file, delete, or whatever. When Bob decides to file an email, Joe's or Kim's email needs to remain in their inbox. Joe and Kim should NOT see Bob's filing system, and vice versa.

When any of the 3 respond, they need to be able to respond from the

We can't use options of forwarding to personal emails, because some of these people will be monitoring multiple accounts, and these are very high volume accounts (on busy days up to 1,000 emails).

To summarize, essentially we are wanting to make Exchange operate like a POP3 account. Unfortunately, setting them up as POP3, we wind up with indexing problems? That's what I've been told.
The usual way of doing this in exchange is with a distribution list and give the users send as permission. Mail sent to the address is directed to each member.

Another option is a shared mailbox - this works great if each person needs to know what the other replied, but each person doesn't get a copy of the message to file in their own mailbox.

You could set up a mailbox as pop3 in outlook - if that is what you really want.
The problem with distribution lists, is the emails don't stay in the separate accounts. And most people monitor a couple of these, I get stuck watching as many as 5 or 6 at a time! By keeping them separate, we know immediately which client emails are relating to.

POP3 would be awesome, but if you have multiple people simultaneously checking via POP3, you can wind up with emails getting lost apparently. (This is the only thing the techs seem to agree on, other than what I want is impossible)
Mail shouldn't get lost, unless someone is deleting mail after they download it. But, when you pop mail, the client puts a lock on the mailbox and only one client can check it at a time. My own preference would be a shared mailbox, but it won't meet your requirement of separate, private folders as they would share the mailbox.
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