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Had to reinstall OS and data -Win 8/Office2013 - all good up until OL2013 custom forms - naively perhaps I thought I could just copy the backed up AppData\Local\Microsoft\FORMS folder over the existing folder - wrong! Is there any way of doing this? ('instaling' the forms needs a 'cfg' file which I don't have. Ideas appreciated.
That folder will be recreated by outlook as you use a custom form, it's not something that is restored from backup - its basically a cache. The CFG would have been in a FORMS folder under the office installation folders. You can't get a copy of the CFG?
Thanks for quick reply Diane. I only have one file in each of the form folders ( within the FORMS folder and they are .tmp files. When you say the .cfg file will be in 'the office installation folders' where do you mean exactly - I may be able to extract them from an older backup set.
This is the path for MSI versions. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\FORMS\[4 digit language id] - older versions will have a different Office#. Office2013 click to run will be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\FORMS\[4 digits] 32bit on 64 bit windows will under the 32bit Programs files folder path
Diane, as as test before I go hunting for cfg files in old backups I created a new custom form and saved it in my personal forms library - where should I expect to find the cfg file for the form? Or would there not be one without some other action - it doesn't appear in the folder you specified (in my case the click-to-run path) probably shouldn't expect it to as they are just the standard forms. Of course I may be going down a blind alley, so the real question is, since I backed up the entire system prior to re-installling the O/S - is there any way I can restore the custom forms from the personal forms library in the backup and put them in the new personal forms library? If not is there any way to recreate the forms?
Forms you publish are not stored as cfg files. Published forms are stored in the data file and move with the data file.

This page has an example of a cfg:

The error message points to the form being a cfg, so recovering it from the backup and putting it in the correct forms folder for your installation, the installing it, should work. (installation instructions are at the link above)
When you say 'the data file' presumably you mean the pst or ost file? If so, whilst I backed up pst files (a different mail account) I didn't back up the ost files on the assumption they would be recreated when synched with the server. If so I guess they are gone. However I do have a pst file which has the same items and used some of the same custom forms - I have recovered this and opened it in Outlook but the custom forms do not appear in the personal forms library (I'm not even sure if they should) - sorry but I'm a little confused at this point! Thank you for bearing with this so far.
Yes, the pst or ost, depending on the type of account (and version if using imap) you have. Its not necessary to backup ost files, they can only be opened by the account/outlook profile that created them and if the file is old, outlook will completely resync it. ost files are copies of the server mailbox so everything on the server should be in th ost. the exception is and imap (in outlook 2013) accounts - they contain some things that don't sync up.
OK, but in that case the personal forms that were in the ost file (and synced with the server) before being deleted locally, would have been recreated in the new local ost created and synced with the server when the mail account was recreated on the pc - which is what I thought would happen - but didn't, wouldn't it?
Still looking for inspiration on this - anyone?
Found the answer - if it helps anyone else it's as simple as copying the tmp files from the AppData/FORMS/*message class* folders in the backup to a new folder on the target machine, renaming them with the .oft file extension, then opening them in Outlook - New Item > More Items > Choose Form select 'User Templates in File System' then browse to the .oft file and open it. Then publish the form to the Personal Forms Library. It's described in more depth here:
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