Move emails between 2 mailboxes.


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Hi Guys.
I have several users that runs Office2016 64Bits - EAS against a Zimbra server using zextras mobile.
I have already asked this question to but they asked me to ask this to Outlook forums so here goes:

Since they have their personal accounts and a shared mailbox ( they have full access - not as shared account - but as seperate)
Some are still recieving emaisl in both mailboxes - but want to move the email recieved in personal inbox - to the other account. outlook error.PNGoutlook accounts.PNG

But they getting this message ?
Any ideas for solving this issue?

I've already tried adding as shared account - but are not able to send as / Send on behalf ? and when moving email - all mails are doublet when moved - so 1000mails become 2000mails


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You can use any converter like PST, MBOX, or much more to covert and send files to other accounts.
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