Move Sent Items from server folder to personal folder

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Right now when I send, reply or forward an email, a copy of it is saved in the "Sent Items" folder on the exchange server. I have a client-only rule that, after I send the message, moves a copy of it to a "Sent Items" folder on the local machine. I would prefer that, rather than making a copy of the message, that the message was actually moved so that it did not also still remain on the server. I do not see a rules option to move the message or delete it from the server after a copy has been moved. Is there a way to accomplish this with rules or a script?

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There is not rule to move - you have two choices: disable the option to save sent message by default and use a rule to save them. This has the same result as a move command. The other option is an itemadd macro that watches the sent folder and moves messages as they hit the sent folder.

The macros at can do it. They were designed to move messages in the default sent folder to a folder in another data file.


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Thanks Diane! I did not realize that the "save a copy of sent/forwarded messages" option is not a prerequisite to the handling of sent/forwarded/replied messages by the rules. At your suggestion I turned off the "save sent messages by default" option and just let the sent-message rule that was already in place continue to do its thing (move any sent message to the local folder) and I now have what I hoped to accomplish.
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