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I have a couple of laptops running Outlook and I use office 365 hosted exchange. I and my cleints are very picky about there Outlook settings i.e. font read panel settings so on... Is there a way to store those settings in a file (profile) and use it on another Outlook install on another outlook install? Thanks a lot in adance
A profile contains configuration information for e-mail accounts and data files and information about where e-mail items are stored. Unlike other Microsoft Outlook 2013 commands and options, editing profiles is done in Control Panel in Windows, not in Outlook. For each profile, you can configure accounts, their settings, and data storage settings.
Exit Outlook.
In Control Panel, click the Mail icon once or twice.
How do I find the Mail icon in Control Panel?

Mail will appear in different places in Control Panel depending on the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the kind of Control Panel you have selected, and whether a 32- or 64-bit operating system or version of Outlook is installed.
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I can tell you this much: a pst converter isn't going to help you.

Some of the configurations are started in the data file / mailbox, some in the registry.

Views in the message list are hidden files in the mailbox - these are not exported or moved in import export. If you re using exchange mailbox, they will sync over. If you use a default pst, use the pst in a new profile.

You can manually move them or use mfcmapi to move them.

This is how to backup or copy using pst.
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