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I have outlook 2016. using Gmail IMAP
I have set up auto archiving. The archiving seems to remove the emails from the Gmail server.
I want to auto archive to stop the .pst file getting too big. (before it removed my emails I had approx. 10,000 emails) I want to archive them on my outlook but keep them on the Gmail server so if I log into Gmail all emails will be there and easily found as I use several computers and sometimes need to revert back to old emails (even from 2014).
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 can handle up to 20 GB of data easily and supports up to 50 GB, so i wouldn't worry about the data file size.

Gmail settings (at gmail.com) can be set to control what happens when you delete from outlook (which archiving does)... it sounds like you have it set to delete when outlook deletes... this is a good setting for junk mail that should be deleted but not for mail you are archiving.

But my recommendation is to not archive in outlook - just leave everything at gmail.com and sync it to outlook.

If you need to save space in the data file (because the drive is small), you can control how much is downloaded in Outlook's account settings (by syncing a few months or 2 years of mail, not the entire mailbox) or in gmail settings, to limit sync to the newest 5000 or 10,000 messages. If you need the older mail, go to gmail.com to find it.